Jury Research Services

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Pretrial Assistance

Success with juries requires both understanding jurors and effective communication skills. Using juror surveys and small group research, we identify juror dispositions and opinions as well as key issues and arguments that affect your case. Our case preparation promotes effective communication through effective witness preparation, evaluation of physical evidence, and crafting persuasive opening statements and closing arguments. Together our pretrial assistance maximizes your position in negotiations and at trial.

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Jury Surveys

  • Juror Profile Surveys
  • Venue Surveys

Juror Small Group Studies 

  • Focus Groups
  • Trial Simulations/Mock Trials

Case Preparation 

  • Witness Preparation
  • Evidence Evaluation
  • Internet Database Development
  • Opening Statement and Closing Argument Preparation


Coming 2020 black type imageOnline Pretrial Research

When sampling and logistical conditions are met, employ our online approaches to small-scale surveys and case pretesting. Capitalize on larger sample sizes than are normally available in traditional small group research, and utilize greater flexibility and cutting edge online methodology to get a first glimpse or a detailed look at how jurors view your case.


Trial Assistance

Success at trial requires intelligent jury selection and expert observation of how jurors are responding to your case. We can help you be more effective in jury selection, and then during trial, observe how jurors view your case.

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Jury Selection 

  • Voir Dire Development
  • Supplemental Juror Questionnaires
  • Juror Internet Assessment
  • In-Court Jury Selection Assistance

Trial Services

  • Trial Observation
  • Social Media Activity Monitoring


Posttrial Assistance

Learning how jurors decided the case—both the good news and the bad news—makes good attorneys even better. The best way to find this out is to ask the jurors directly.

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Posttrial Interviews