Trial Services

Trial Observationjury box

Our experts can observe the jurors during the trial to see how they are reacting to the evidence and arguments.  Daily updates on the jurors are provided in terms of any changes and their receptivity to witnesses, evidence, and arguments. This information allows attorneys to improve their case and case assessment as the trial progresses, providing clarifications for confusing evidence or witnesses, refinements to strategies for closing arguments, and general indicators of juror/jury receptivity to the client’s case for settlement purposes

Social Media Activity Monitoring

It is important to discover if jurors are engaging in inappropriate social media activity related to the case.  As such, daily monitoring of known juror social media accounts (e.g., jurors’ Facebook and Twitter accounts) is needed to reveal any publicly accessible activity (e.g., public posts, shares, or discussions) related to the case.  Identifying the activity early is necessary in order to provide attorneys and the trial court with the most options with which to address inappropriate activity on the parts of jurors.