Legal Research Fees

National Legal Research Group’s standard practice is to bill on an hourly basis.  Our regular hourly rates typically start at $180 (+ 6% for Lexis), and vary depending on the turnaround time and the experience of our attorney.  A surcharge is added for rush assignments (five working days or less).

We provide cost estimates so that our cost expectations are in accord with those of our clients and so that our clients have complete control over the cost.

The cost for a particular project depends on such factors as the number and complexity of the issues and the jurisdictional focus (one state as opposed to a national search). Briefs are typically more expensive than are memoranda.

We are flexible in terms of the nature of the work product we provide. Because some cases allow for greater expenditure for legal research than others, we offer telephone reports and summary memoranda in order to keep the costs in line. The nature of the work product is in the control of our clients. You decide, not us.

We do not exceed cost estimates without prior consultation, and we are glad to work with limited budgets.