What Attorneys are Saying about NLRG

"We were successful in our motion for a Protective Order on a discovery demand (EBT) based upon the thorough research and persuasive writing [of Matt McDavitt] in support of that research.  Great work!"

—Gerard Snyder, Dolgeville, NY


"I could not be happier with the end product [petition for rehearing and rehearing en banc]. I again want to thank [Suzanne Bailey] for a job well done and [her] professionalism."

Wayne P. Smith, Schenectady, NY


"I was very pleased with your research and the research and memorandum were completed within our time frame. Furthermore, the charge was quite reasonable and was the amount that was quoted."

—Gregory Rediger, Miller, SD


"Lee Dunham was the lawyer who assisted me and he work and analytical ability were excellent. In a motion to dismiss with some difficult issues, she prepared an excellent memo that enabled me to prepare a winning brief."

—Nathan Davidovich, Denver, CO

"I've been using NLRG since 1977. All work product generated by NLRG has been of the highest quality and beneficial. The latest work by Paul Ferrer continues that trend. His response to my recent request was prompt and directly on point."

—Robert Vargo, Huntsville, AL


"I had an issue which was very difficult and Mr. Stone was upgront that we may not prevail. Mr. Stone came up with an argument which I incorporated in my own research. We did not prevail but I feel we gave it our best shot."

—Thomas Wall, Rancho Palos Verdos, CA

"The research kept us in the game and helped us get a favorable outcome. Thanks for finding the on-point case. We utilized every word of what [Brad Pettit] sent and would have been tossed out of court without [his] good work. We appreciate it. We will use you again."

—Shirley Watson, Warner Robins, GA



"Thank you so much for your amazing spot-on research in the case. Thanks to you, the contempt has been purged . . . which means that having you work with us was a great investment!"

—Sandy Emerson, Chicago, IL



"I can't imagine how Anne [Hemenway] could improve the quality of work and the speed with which she responded to my questions and provided me with a final memorandum.  I was very satisfied with the report."

—Seth L. Hibbert, Buffalo, NY



"I have read Dora's [Vivaz] well written Opposition and the wonderful research contained in it. This is an excellent document with terrific research. I am very pleased that I sought your assistance. Thank you very, very much."

—Jerome Friedlander, McLean, VA



"The report squarely met my expectations. I was fully satisfied with the report. There's no need to improve the quality of your work other than for me to clarify the issues. Your work is based on comprehensive and in-depth research that a busy lawyer at the trial or appellate level may utilize with confidence of its accuracy and sound legal analysis and reasoning."

—Johnson Toribiong, Koror, GU



"This memorandum is exactly what I was looking for! I was in over my head on th[e] issue and I cannot thank Mark enough for his patience and help with this matter! I will definitely use [Mark Rieber] again . . . . Thank you so very much!"

—Julie McDonald, Yuma, AZ



"Not only is [Brett Turner's] work product simply exemplary . . . [he] is a very approachable, good guy . . . and such an incredibly quick study on any complex issue. I am very grateful for [him] as a resource."

—Cornelius B. (Neil) Hayes, Fort Wayne, IN 



"Mark [Rieber]—this is absolutely marvelous. I could not be more pleased with th[e] document, your prompt assistance and your in-depth research and writing abilities. You have more than met my expectations and I look forward to a long relationship with NLRG."

—Arlette G. Porter, Chicago, IL



"I am extremely impressed by the quality of the legal report received [from Alistair Edwards] and very happy to deliver it to my clients.  This will be very helpful in getting local counsel involved.  I will certainly use you again either in this and/or other matters."

—Kevin M. Burke, Bristol, United Kingdom



"John [Stone]'s product was exceptional. His research supports my position perfectly. When I first spoke with John, I told him that I was under the inevitable time crunch. He got his  material to me before the date promised. Thank you." 

-Richard Taylor, Atlanta, GA


"Suzanne [Bailey] is very easy to work with and engages quickly to the subject matter and issue at hand.  This is the second project I have worked with her on and would certainly look forward to working with her in the future."

-Robert Finnell, Rome, GA



"This is the third or fourth time I've worked with Matthew [McDavitt] and I'm really pleased with his work product.  He's a good listener and does a good job researching the specific issues I'm concerned with. I plan on using NLRG in the future and appreciate you being there because it makes me look "bigger" than I am (a solo)."

 -Julie Dunbar, Ann Arbor, MI


"I was extremely satisfied with the work Ms. Hemenway did on my case. She did everything I asked and more.  I feel confident that I have all relevant authority on my issue.  I have worked with Ms. Hemenway before and have always been pleased with the result."

-Robert Perry, Greencastle, IN


"Wow, what a prompt, professional, relevant and courteous response, just what I have learnt to expect from NLRG during the last couple of decades! Both I and my colleague who is writing the post-trial brief of proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law . . . particularly appreciate your suggestions and advice for 'compelling' argument in TN to support our position.  You and your colleagues never fail me."

-T. Frank Jackson, Memphis, TN 


I was extremely pleased with the result, and my client was also pleased. Thank [Dora Vivaz] for her prompt professional efforts.

-Gregory Smith, Muncie, IN


[Anne Hemenway] did a great job, done in a very short period of time.  Thank you very much!

-John Gordon, Severna Park, MD


I am very satisfied with your service in all respects; the responsiveness to my initial inquiry was immediate and thorough, the work completed on a very timely basis, the research impeccable, and the report thorough, instructive, and useful.  The contentious trial issues were clearly identified.  It was exactly what I was looking for.

Tom Weiss, Mt. Pleasant, MI

The memo was very well done; thank you.  After sharing your memo with the mediator and opposing counsel [it] enabled us to achieve a very favorable mediated settlement agreement on behalf of our client.

Howard Gum, Asheville, NC

I have used The Research Group on several occasions and have been amazed at the excellent quality of their research and writing skills. My businesses use Research Group on certain matters and have found that the cost is substantially lower and in those cases the quality of the work is generally higher.  If I managed a large firm I'd insist that Research Group handle many research matters which could be billed to the clients at a profit (and possibly cut my staffing requirements and overhead.

-Tony Pieroni, Troy, MI

I'd been going 12 plus hours a day for weeks and did not have the energy to write the memo and do the research, nor did I want to work all weekend. Thanks to you I'll have done a very good job.

-Hank Holbrook, Jacksonville, FL

 The memo you wrote carried the day!  The Hearing lasted 8 minutes!  IRS agent was proposing tax and penalty (plus the interest).  Client now owes $0.  Thanks again—great job.

-William Greenberg, Canton, MA

 [Jeremy Taylor's] work product constitutes legal research and brief writing to the highest degree of excellence.

-Val Jolley, Farmington, NM

You understood the complexity, well researched; well written; presentation as to counts, concisely and proficiently stated; very thorough, encompassed everything discussed and then some.  Drafted format ready to file.

-Peter Sweders, Naperville, IL


"4 to 5 attorneys I have worked with have all been professional, knowledgeable and effective in their research."—Gerald S. Garnick, Hyannis, MA 

"NLRG has an excellent staff of attorneys that are smart, available and can be counted on when the pleadings get tough. I have a boutique firm. I am pleased to work and partner with the NLRG in proving our clients with the best and most effective legal services."—J. Eric Jones, Jacksonville, FL


Other satisfied clients:

Charles Bain, Montgomery, AL
Ban Al-Wardi, Lomita, CA
Michael Bologna, Fairfield, CT
Bruce Tyler, Somers, CT
Glen Abbott, Crystal River, FL
Guillermo Ruiz, St. Petersburg, FL
Dennis Plews, Sarasota, FL
Robert Sumner, Suwanee, GA
J. Michael Hall, Springfield, GA
John Turner, Chicago, IL
Michael T. Smith, Roselle, IL
Constantine Xinos, Chicago, IL
David Cover, Peoria, IL
Jon Schmoll, Valparaiso, IN
Michael Vetro, Boone, NC
Michael W. Cannon, Waynesville, NC
Walter Stephens Cox, Oxford, MS
Milford L. McBridge, Grove City, PA
Herbert Rosenblum, Alexandria, VA
Austin Hite Hays, Shelbyville, KY
Walter C. Erwin III, Lynchburg, VA
Charles L. Fuller, Columbia, MD