Senior Research Attorney John M. Stone

B.A., University of Virginia, 1974.  J.D., Marshall Wythe School of Law, College of William and Mary, 1978. Member, Virginia Bar.

For many years, John has authored articles for NLRG’s client newsletter, Report from Counsel.  He is also the author of Cause of Action Under 42 USC § 1983 for Use of Excessive Force by Police in Making Arrest, 18 Causes of Action 871 (1989), and Cause of Action Under 42 USC § 1983 for Termination or Other Adverse Job Action Based on Political Associations of Public Employees or Officials, ___ C.O.A. ___ (In Press).

He has been with NLRG since 1978 and specializes in Administrative Law, Civil Rights, Eminent Domain, and Local & State Government.  Areas of expertise include police misconduct, constitutional law, including due process, equal protection, and First Amendment cases, inverse condemnation, local and state government cases in the area of tort immunity, school cases involving disciplinary actions against both students and teachers, and many issues involving zoning and land-use permits.  A recent example of John’s work involved several assignments over an extended period during which he researched and wrote a number of briefs that the client described as “invaluable” in obtaining a summary judgment in a case challenging the city’s smoking ordinance on multiple constitutional grounds.

John serves as a volunteer in a local reading program for elementary school children.  He is interested in gardening and landscaping, learning just enough to be dangerous in the front and back yards of his home.  When not gardening, he enjoys playing golf.

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Client Testimonials on John Stone

"John did an outstanding job. His research was thorough, well written and on time."—Brad Wyche, Greenville, SC

"Excellent work. You don't know how many hours Mr. Stone saved me."—Kevin Johnson, Olympia, WA

"I appreciate the work you did and I wanted you to see the result.  Thankfully, The court saw our arguments in a favorable light.  Thanks."—George Martellon, Milford, CT

"Mr. Stone's service was excellent!  He was timely, professional, and his research was spot on."—James Novello, Carlstadt, NJ

"Well done. What I needed."--Rob Wheeler, Goodlettsville, TN

"I had an issue which was very difficult and Mr. Stone was upgront that we may not prevail. Mr. Stone came up with an argument which I incorporated in my own research.  We did not prevail but I feel we gave it our best shot."—Thomas Wall, Rancho Palos Verdos, CA

"Outstanding Memorandum that resulted in a Court Order for the relief requested."—Michael McDermott, Pleasanton, CA

"Excellent job all the way around.  I will use you in the future."—Michael W. Whitaker, Mason, TN

"I am very satisfied with the research provided.  It is very helpful to met, met my expectations, and was completed in a timely manner when time is of importance before I have a big meeting with a client. [I] will absolutely consider NLRG for future projects, In particular, having a specific attorney with whom I am able to work, who specializes in my field is quite helpful and leads to a level of comfort to go to NLR for future projects."—Steven Wingo, Ocala, FL

"As always, I am very satisfied with your work—well done in terms of your in-depth analysis and presentation."—Johnson Toribiong, Koror, Republic of Palau

"What a great job and I couldn't have hoped for a better result."—John R. Payne Jr., Westerly, RI

"John was extremely helpful and his report was excellent. This is exactly what I needed."—Kenny Mendelsohn, Montgomery, AL

"I use Nat'l Legal for a wide range of Case Research & Writing.  Always there when you need them & timely."—David Amesbury

"Great work + timely done. I will continue to use you in the future."— Wade Bettis, LaGrande, OR

"Great job as always—[John Stone was] right on the issue!"— Al Grieshaber Jr., Albany, GA 

"[Mr. Stone was] on point, on budget.  Great job!"— Michael C. Hall, Albany, GA

"Excellent service . . . [John Stone supplied] professional research at a reasonable cost."— John D. Schoonenberg, Houma, LA

"Mr. Stone exceeded my expectations with his professional assistance. [I was] very satisfied with all services rendered [by him]."— Kenneth W. Herbert, Palisades Park, NJ

"John Stone did a very good job.  He was timely and within his cost estimate."— Gregory G. Rediger, Miller, SD

"Thank you for your speedy attention and efforts."—Raymond DeGeest, Rapid City, SD

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