Senior Research Attorney Dora S. Vivaz

B.S., University of South Carolina, 1966. M.A., Syracuse University, 1969. J.D., Vermont Law School, Magna Cum Laude, 1989, where Dora was published in the Law Review in both her second and third years. 

Dora concentrates in the areas of public law, including Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Employment Discrimination, and Local and State Government, including eminent domain and zoning, Property, and Administrative Law, including environmental law and public employment.

Her areas of expertise include claims under § 1983 based on due process, equal protection, and First Amendment violations, claims under Title VII for sex, race, disability, or age discrimination, and challenges to ordinance provisions and land-use decisions.  In addition, she has written a number of state supreme court briefs and many appellate level briefs, including briefs on First Amendment rights of picketers, development permit denials, the status of comprehensive plans, and the validity of an annexation. 

Away from the office, Dora enjoys many activities, ranging from crafts to house renovations, and, recently, her first-ever cooking class.

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"Thank you very much for your assistance on these documents.  It is greatly appreciated, as always a great job."—Ed Younger, Spotsylvania, VA

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"I was very pleased with the services provided by Dora Vivaz.  I have worked with her in the past and found her very responsive and knowledgeable in her field."—Jan Sulcove, Chambersburg, PA

"[Dora provided] super service as always!"— Richard E. Cooley, Flint, MI

"Dora is very smart and responsive."—Jordan R. Schau, Kalamazoo, MI

"I am not practicing law now, but I always used your services in the past and I steer young attorneys to you now.... You guys are great—I've won several law suits in the past with your help."—John M. Roberts, former Director of Chamber of Commerce, Livingston, TN


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