Senior Research Attorney Alfred C. Shackelford III

B.A., with Distinction, University of Virginia, 1978. J.D., University of Virginia Law School, 1983.  Member, Virginia Bar. 

Fred was an Associate at Williams Mullen in Richmond Virginia, and Tremblay & Smith, LLP, in Charlottesville, Virginia (where he focused on personal injury law), prior to joining our firm in 1987.  Fred’s areas of expertise include Personal Injury and Wrongful Death (particularly premises liability, motor vehicle accidents, dram shop liability, animal injuries, medical malpractice, negligence, products liability, and job site accidents); Intentional Torts (defamation, assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, business torts, and fraud); Insurance Law (auto, life, property, and casualty insurance); and Conflict of Laws (specializing in tort law). 

Fred has handled thousands of cases over the years, including many state and federal appellate court briefs.  Examples include a large multistate project involving nursing home liability, and a 190-page brief for the Alabama Supreme Court in a medical malpractice case.  In addition, he is the author/editor of Judges Say the Darndest Things (William S. Hein & Co. 2004), a compilation of humorous excerpts from published legal opinions, and a mystery/suspense novel entitled The Ticket (Black Opal Books 2016). 

Fred is a former Cub Scout den leader and troop committee member of a local Boy Scout unit, and is an Eagle Scout. He was a volunteer firefighter for eight years, and he has so far helped to build five houses for Habitat for Humanity. Fred’s hobbies are photography, astronomy, and movies—including being an extra in two of them: Hush and Evan Almighty.  He is a fan of the Washington Commanders and the Virginia Cavaliers sports teams.

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Client Testimonials on Fred Shackelford

"Great work! Thank you! And I really appreciate you getting it done so fast!"—Dave Johnson, Kansas City, MO

"Great work performed in a timely manner."—David Page, Greenwood, IN

"Your insights on applying the case law to the Mullen case are helpful and appreciated."—Mark Chalpin, Gaithersburg, MD

"Fred did an excellent job. He has superior writing skills, and professionally, completed my Appellate & Rebuttal briefs in 6th circuit, with response and issues well researched. I would not hesitate to utilize his services again and hope he does not retire soon."—Lyle Peck, Petoskey, MI

"Fred is always professional."—Thomas Newell, Perkasie, PA

"Fred did an excellent job and is a gifted writer as well as a legal scholar. His assistance is and was greatly appreciated."—Lyle Andrew Peck, Petoskey, MI

"The trial judge ruled that in North Dakota, we can pursue punitive damages against the dead tortfeasor (owner of the dogs that attacked my client). I incorporated almost all of your research into my reply brief. I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you so much!"—James Lester, Fargo, ND

"Excellent job on brief and petition for Certiorari to the Supreme Court."—Sidney Gilreath, Knoxville, TN

"Fred was very much on point with his research yet judicious with his billing."—Donald Gee, Richmond, VA

"Great job on a difficult issue."—John Zydron, Virginia Beach, VA

"Very impressive memoranda! By the way, some of the ancient cases you found, one going back to 1910, and your articulation of the factual evidence—all I can say is you are worth every penny we pay you."—Richard Eymann, Spokane, WA

"Thank you for the great brief.  You did an amazing job! It is right on point in all regards.  You were a life saver. I could have never pulled together that much case law and written such a well-reasoned brief in two week's time with my current schedule. Thank you so much!"—Suzanne Teumer, Suffolk, VA

"I received the report and am very satisfied with it.  It's got exactly what I wanted and requested."—Mark Chalpin, Gaithersburg, MD

"I was very pleased with the promptness and obvious effort exercised in trying to solve my problem."—David P. Mast Jr., Winston-Salem, NC

"As usual, Alfred Shackelford did a superb job.  Your firm is apparently ready 24/7 to turn out legal brief writing and research.  I couldn't ask for a better partner."—Arthur Ballen, Cherry Hill, NJ

"I have had several cases with very difficult and complex legal issues. I have worked with Fred Shackelford on matters for over 10 years and consider him my "go-to" guy in the area of torts and related issues of civil procedure.  After practicing for nearly 24 years, the issues become more complex and the need to have cutting edge research abilities is key to a successful outcome. I am a professional client for life.  Thank you very much for your help over the years."—Scott Bowling, LaPlata, MD

When I received the other side's memorandum, it was not something that I wanted to deal with.  It addressed an obscure area of law that would have taken me days to research and even then I could not be certain of my results.  I contacted NLRG hoping for a memorandum that would assist me in responding.  Instead, I received an actual trial brief [from Fred Shackelford].  All that I had to do was review, sign, and file.  Not only did this save me time, but it was probably better than anything I could have produced myself."—Craig W. Lekach, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Mr. Shackelford is excellent and indeed helpful. The NLRG has made my life as a 'solo practitioner' manageable."—J. Eric Jones, Jacksonville, FL

"Well done; delivered when promised."—Joel L. Greenblatt, Chicago, IL

"Your office was very, very gracious and professional. I am most pleased."—Walter J. Alvarez, Crown Point, IN

"Quick turn-around with reliable research, on point."—Richard Lavers, Elhart, IN

"[Fred Shackelford showed] tremendous understanding of the issue and [gave] a thorough yet expedient response. A wonderful benefit to my client."—Robert L. Elliott, Lexington, KY

"Fred [Shackelford] did exactly what I asked and found just what I needed!"—Philip R. Rosi, Traverse City, MI

"[Y]our usual excellent work. You not only researched Virginia state court cases, but also E.D. federal cases and out-of-state cases."—Stephen J. Crum, Arlington, VA

"The issues were squarely and thoroughly addressed [by Mr. Shackelford] and I was very pleased with [his] promptness."—John F. Lanham, Leesburg, VA

"Wow!  I am overwhelmed by the memo [prepared by Fred Shackelford].  It really pays to hire an expert. . . . I am much more optimistic now."—Christopher Colt North, Newport News, VA

"Personal attention by phone; prompt research and response."—Edgar R. Jones, Williamsburg, VA

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