Senior Research Attorney Amy Gore

After working in private practice in North Carolina, Amy joined the NLRG staff in 1988.  Amy specializes in insurance, attorney-client and ethics, and defamation and invasion of privacy matters.  She has prepared many appellate briefs in the areas of causation on legal malpractice claims, defamation, and insurance coverage.  She also has extensive work in civil procedure and evidence. During her time with NLRG Amy has also worked in the Special Projects Division authoring numerous state and federal jurisprudence articles, but now focuses her efforts exclusively in the Research Division. 

In her spare time, Amy enjoys living in the beautiful mountains, volunteering with the local community orchestra and laughing with her daughters.

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"Very satisfied in her work to prepare a memo in support of a motion for summary judgment."— Michael Staub, Nyack, NY

"Was very competent drafting of a memo of law in support of motion to dismiss."—Michael Staub, Nayak, NY

"Ms. Gore was very responsive and completed the promised assignments way ahead of time. I am very satisfied with her work. Furthermore I have used NLRG services for over several years now and worked with various attorneys and all of them are extremely competent and very responsive."—Anupa Mukhopadhyay, White Plains, MD

"Her preparation of the memorandum was excellent."—Michael Staub, Nyack, NY

"What more could you ask?"—James Sheperd, Richardson, TX

"She is very knowledgeable and accurate with her work."—Terence Prigmore, Joplin, MO

"Amy was very thorough and concise in presenting me with pertinent case law, per my request. I've always been satisfied with your service."—Ewing Carter, High Point, NC

"Matter of first impression.  Judge ruled in my favor. Thank you Amy for all your hard work!—Matt Long, Richmond, VA

"Amy did a great job on an appeal of a difficult issue. I am thankful for her assistance with this project."—Joshua Zelman, Tallahassee, FL

Michael Staub, White Plains, NY