Senior Research Attorney Brad Pettit

B.A., Denison University, 1982.  M.B.A., University of Pittsburgh, 1984.  J.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1986.  Member, Florida Bar. 

Brad is a former Vice President and Trust Officer with the Wealth Management and Retirement Brokerage Services of Wachovia Bank. With Wachovia, Brad managed a book of personal trust, guardianship, and fiduciary investment accounts, delivered fiduciary-level services to account grantors, owners, beneficiaries, remaindermen, and other interested parties, worked closely with internal and external professionals, including relationship managers, private bankers, financial planners, attorneys, insurance advisors, CPAs, trust associates, tax advisors, real estate advisors, closely held business specialists, and securities brokers delivering wealth management, trust, guardianship, and investment services to current and prospective high net worth clients.  He was also responsible for assuring that accounts were in compliance with applicable state and federal laws.

With NLRG, Brad has concentrated on Tax (income, estate, gift, sales and use, estate planning) and Property (real and personal).  As a member of the Business Law Team, he has handled cases involving contracts, commercial law (including U.C.C.), and corporate law.  He has prepared numerous court-ready trial and appellate briefs to federal and state courts, legal memoranda, pleadings, wills, and trusts.  In addition to his bar membership, Brad is a member of the Central Virginia Estate Planning Council. 

Publications include D.B. Pettit, Tax: Can an Attorney Defer Recognition of Fee Income in a Case Involving a Structured Settlement, 70 Fla. Bar J. (No. 10) 36, (Nov. 1996); D.B. Pettit, Business Relationships, 11 Ohio Jur. 2d  §§ 256-336 (1995); D.B. Pettit & J. Buckley, Summary Judgment and Pretrial Motions to Dismiss, 97 N.Y. Jur. 2d (1992); D.B. Pettit, Gas Production Incentive Handbook § 630 (Thompson Publ'g Group 1992); D.B. Pettit, Cause of Action to Invalidate a Deed Due to Undue Influence, 28 Causes of Action 291 (1992).

When not working for NLRG, Brad serves on the Advisory Board of Habitat for Humanity.  He enjoys golf, hiking, camping, tennis, reading (historical novels, classics, Civil War), and Pittsburgh sports teams, especially the Pitt Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers.


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Client Testimonials on Brad Pettit

"Very thorough and timely in providing research analysis."—Victor Wilson, Brooklyn, NY

"Always a great job!"—George Copple, Nashville, TN

"The responsiveness was excellent. Mr. Pettit's Memorandum is better than expected. His professionalism in getting the facts and dealing with my support staff was superlative. I would recommend his services to any attorney who needs 'fresh eyes' on an issue."—Harry M. Scaramella, New Hartford, NY

"Outstanding, prompt, and very professional service!"—Graham C. Showalter, Lewisburg, PA

"You guys are the best."—Frederick, MD

"I received your Memorandum today. You did a great job. I really appreciated your work on this matter."—Greg Rediger, Miller, SD

"The research kept us in the game and helped us get a favorable outcome. Thanks for finding the on-point case. We utilized every word of what you sent and would have been tossed out of court without your good work. We appreciate it. We will use you again."—Shirley Watson, Warner Robins, GA

"I had a certain theory on which I desired to proceed. Brad picked this up, and I was very pleased with the flow of the brief and the manner in which the issues were addressed."—Richard Eisenberg, Lyndhurst, OH

"Brad did a super job. He really analyzed the situation well. His writing and analysis were fabulous.  Thanks for the prompt service."—William Greenberg, Canton, MA

"Satisfied. Met my expectations.  Good job."—Robert Ray, Fort Payne, AL

"Excellent job, Brad.  I was very impressed with your timely response and will be sure to utilize NLRG when I need to have an issue thoroughly researched.  Thank you again for your excfellent response."—Donald Lee, Virginia Beach, VA

"Thanks Brad. Just what I was looking for. Good job as usual."—Milford "Trip" McBride, Grove City, PA 


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