Senior Research Attorney Charlene J. Hicks

B.A., Brigham Young University, 1989. J.D., Marshall Wythe School of Law, College of William and Mary, 1994, where Charlene was a member of the Law Review and was inducted into the Order of the Coif.  Member, Virginia Bar. 

Charlene joined NLRG in 1994.  She focuses on Contracts, Commercial Law, Corporations, Creditors' Rights, and Civil Procedure.  Areas of expertise include arbitration, construction law, employment contracts, government contracts, agency, U.C.C. matters, arbitration issues, corporate formation, franchises, unfair trade practices, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and motion and appellate practice.  Charlene has authored briefs on all of the foregoing topics and drafted a variety of commercial and employment contracts.  She is a regular contributor to NLRG’s Business Law Update.

Charlene enjoys reading, hiking, kickboxing, and playing the piano.  She has also volunteered in the public schools and managed youth soccer teams.

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Client Testimonials on Charlene Hicks

"I am very pleased with the caliber of research and writing that Ms. Hicks does."—Gwendolyn Anderson, Chicago, IL

"Charlene,was phenomenal and extremely helpful. It was a pleasure working with her."—Girma Gebriel, Los Angeles, CA

"Charlene and her team do the most EXCELLENT work I have seen by far. Her work is very thorough and detailed. They provide the best research to back up their work as well."—Carl Domino, West Palm Beach, FL

"She has assisted me in a variety of cases and always does an incredible job! I have complete faith in her and NLRG!"—William Web, Raleigh, NC

"She worked on a complicated case with many issues and did a wonderful job on the research and writing. We intend to continue using her throughout the course of the case."—William Webb, Raleigh, NC

"I appreciate Ms. Hicks' legal acumen exhibited on my various projects. The products have been thorough and well argued. I confidently present them with the thought I have the winning brief each time."—Stephen Whitted, Silver Spring, MD

"Excellent and timely work by Charlene Hicks. Well worth the expense."—Charles Slade, Rich Square, NC

"Timely and thorough to the extent requested; helpful and on point."—Richard Greer, Birmingham, AL

"Very professional and responsive!"—Juan Espinosa, Carlstadt, NJ

"Being a solo practitioner, brief, motion, etc., research is difficult for me with the case load I have so I always contact your company when in need of same."—Mager Varnado Jr., Gulfport, MS

"I have needed help on two occasions, one was extremely complicated and the other called for a quick turn-around. [In] the complex project . . . Ms. Hicks' brief won the issue, and kept the case in court for my client.  Frankly, I had expected to lose. . . .  It was due to Charlene Hicks' labyrinthine analysis---and her ability to reduce the complexities to an understandable outcome---that carried the day.  The second matter . . . . she helped me file excellent responses to [three] motions within roughly 48 hours.  The responses completely refuted [the] motions, and [the opposition] offered a generous settlement two days later.  I can't tell you the good and bad points of your company because I have only dealt with one person. In the future, I only want to deal with her.  She is absolutely incredible at what she does."--- J. Tim Coyle, Birmingham, AL

"You are a lifesaver!"—John F. Harvey Jr., Wethersfield, CT

"Research was right on point; concise; lead to ruling in favor of my client. Could not have done so without NLRG."—Brian K. Darling, Louisville, KY

"I don't know why I ever hesitated to call you—thanks for your excellent service!"—Deborah J. Hammerlind, Ann Arbor, MI

"As usual, Charlene's work is incredible."—David E. Fregolle, Southfield, MI

"I am extremely pleased with the quality and timeliness of [Charlene Hicks's] report."—Gary V. Cover, Clinton, MO

"Charlene Hicks wrote an excellent brief, which helped to promote a settlement on the eve of trial."—Gary L. Beiswanger, Billings, MT

"Your service was not only exceptionally fast, but, more importantly, was exceptionally good. Thank you."—David S. Desmond, Amityville, NY

"Very much satisfied with the product and professionalism displayed."—William L. Pyatt, Columbia, SC

"[Charlene Hicks's] response to my request was immediate, thorough, and persuasive."—John L. McGann, Fairfax, VA

"Nice job on quick turnaround.  My co-counsel, and even my opposing counsel, complimented me on the letter I wrote based on your research and our conversation."—Christopher Colt North, Newport News, VA

"I [would like to] commend you for the exceptionally scholarly work that you did on very short notice in preparing a Memorandum . . . on piercing the corporate veil.  Your Memorandum was instrumental in my preparation for trial and, further, it was absolutely persuasive in the Court's final decision in favor of my client . . . .  I am deeply appreciative of the extremely professional manner in which you so graciously, efficiently, and capably assisted me in this litigation."—Judson W. Collier Jr., Richmond, VA

"Charlene Hicks was very helpful.  She quickly grasped the issues involved and turned the project out quickly."—Wayne O.S. Haig, Roanoke, VA

"[Ms. Hicks's] pleading was excellent and needed nothing at all to be filed. It was exactly on point and very clear and concise."—Terence G. Haglund, Williamsburg, VA

"Charlene is exceptional,patient, thorough ,speedy and very knowledgeable.I am very grateful for her extensive help."—Germa Gebriel, Los Angeles, CA

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