Senior Research Attorney Jami Lampert

B.A., University of Texas, 1996.  J.D., Southern Methodist University Law School, 1999, where she was a member of the Law Review.  Jami is a Senior Attorney with NLRG affiliate, Texas Legal Research.

Prior to joining TLR, Jami practiced commercial litigation for two years with Banowsky, Betz & Levine, P.C., in Dallas, and spent four years with Hartline, Dacus, Barger, Dreyer & Kern, L.L.P., also of Dallas, working primarily in products liability defense litigation. Since working with TLR, Jami has handled a broad spectrum of cases in both the federal and state court systems, including the following areas of law: family, criminal, probate, torts, property, insurance, malpractice, immunity, oil and gas, and contracts.  She has extensive experience with most Texas procedural issues, both civil and criminal. 

Significant projects include preparing numerous summary judgments involving issues of sovereign and qualified immunity, contract claims, all categories of torts, and premises liability.  She has defended in several medical malpractice cases, prepared and filed both state and federal appellate briefs on topics including criminal law, ERISA plan denials, attorney’s fees, the just and right division of property in divorce cases, and Deceptive Trade Practices Act claims.  She has also filed Texas Supreme Court petitions and briefs on Texas's recreational-use statute and juror misconduct. 

When Jami is not busy raising her two young children, she enjoys spending time outside and participating in 5 & 10K runs as well as in adventure races.  She traveled fairly extensively prior to having children and looks forward to doing so again.

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Client Testimonials on Jami Lampert

"Great work and always on time!"—Lewis Ward, Houston, TX

"Jami is wonderful. She understands the issues, is a wonderful writer and very prompt in responding. What else can you ask for. Her work product is very helpful."—Robert Allen, San Antonio, TX

"Jami, is an excellent writer and she communicates with you throughout the entire process until your project is complete."—Troy Pradia, Houston, TX

"Jami is great to work with. I can always count on her to get the job done! Thank you!"—Chris Montgomery, Colville, WA

"Consummate professional. Reliable, accurate in estimating time for the project and always on time for deadlines. She is the Wonder Woman of legal researching."—Kirk Lyons, Black Mountain, NC

"Jami always gets the job done and within the time I request.  She is very competent and thorough."—A. Lewis Ward, Houston, TX

"I have used Jami Lampert's services on many occasions. She has always done quality work 'on time' and make me look good in court when I use materials that she has written.  Thank you!"—Chris Montgomery, Colville, TX

 "Did an excellent job on a brief."—Cheryl Jeter, Houston, TX

"Just good old fashion lawyering. Excellent work."—Horatio Pena, Mission, TX

"Jami is great to work with and she has excellent research and writing skills."—Chris Montgomery, Colville, WA

"Great work! It has been a joy working with Jami."—Daniel Mora, Edinburg, TX

"Jami always does great, thorough research and gets the job done quickly!"—Aubrey Ward, Houston, TX

"Great job on the brief! Nice to know I can count on you in these matters."—Marcus Faubion, Friendswood, TX

"Jami Lampert is knowledgeable about the law. Very professional and prompt with her work."—Daniel Mora III, Edinburg, TX

"Excellent work. Just simply the best."—Horacio Pena, Mission, TX

"Jami does great work and is always on point. Happy to work with her."—A. Lewis Ward, Houston, TX

"Jami has helped me on a number of cases and she is always prompt, within budget, and right on the money finding the relevant law. She also is a valued partner when it comes for tacticul discussions/decisions."—Steve Brown, Dripping Springs, TX

"So dependable! Great work."—Dan Mora, Edinburg, TX

"I have a strong opponent who may change her position and allow settlement as a result of the fine, fast responsive product of Jami's."—Jay Kaskie, Rockport, TX

"Excellent job!"—Elaine Ryan, Hurst, TX

"This is the third project I have had Jami help me with. Jami is a wonderful resource with exceptional ability!! In my book Jami is the best."—John Malone, Waco, TX

"Jamie is always helpful, courteous, accurate, and punctual. She makes this solo practitioner's life much better!"—W. Brett Cain, Granbury, TX

"Jami doubled my chance for success on appeal.” "This is the third project Jami Lampert has helped me with.  Jami is a wonderful resource with exceptional ability!!! In my book, she is the best."—John Malone, Waco, TX

"Thanks for your help on this case. Your excellent work was very important in getting the case settled for a fair amount. Much appreciated."—Bobby Allen, San Antonio, TX

"Jami is great to work with!"—Chris Montgomery, Colville, WA

"Jami is always punctual and gets to the point!"—Lewis Ward, Houston, TX

"Great work as always."—Mike Dooley, Fredericksburg, TX

"Good job!!!! Great writer. Keeps me out of trouble.Jami has been a great assist for me in many cases. She is an excellent researcher, writer and is always responsive to our requests."—Robert Allen, San Antonio, TX

"I always appreciate working with Jami - she gets the results I need!"—A. Lewis Ward, Houston, TX

"Just amazing! So professional and prompt."—Dan Mora III, Edinburg, TX

Other Satisfied Clients:

Horatio Pena, Mission, TX