Senior Research Attorney John T. Beliveau

B.A., Liberal Arts, with Honors, with Special Honors in History, University of Texas, 1994.  J.D., University of Texas at Austin Law School, 1997.   Member, Texas Bar. 

Prior to joining our firm, John practiced in Austin with the firm of Kiester & Lockwood, trying civil cases for both plaintiffs and defendants and handling a variety of corporate and real estate cases.  Since joining Texas Legal Research as the founding and managing attorney, John has completed several thousand projects for attorneys across the state.  His specialties include civil trial and appellate procedure, construction law and liens, and property law.  Over the years, John has authored literally dozens of briefs in the Texas Courts of Appeals, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, and the Texas Supreme Court.

In addition to legal research and writing, John also regularly participates in legal clinics for assisting low-income Texans.  He enjoys reading, cooking, and watching the Boston Red Sox.

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Client Testimonials on John Beliveau

"John does excellent work. He is very helpful in letting me know what my strengths and weaknesses are in my case. His work product is done in a timely manner and is very cost effective for me. I particularly like that he is readily available to talk with me after I have his reviewed his work so that I can clarify any follow up questions or concerns I may have. Cannot recommend John enough!"—Jack Robinson, Rockwall, TX

"I have been getting assistance from John for over 20 years and all
of my experiences have been great with great results."—Rolando Cantu, McAllen, TX

"John provided great analysis of a division of property issue in a divorce decree for me. He routinely does fantastic work for me on every case I send to him."—Frank Dobrovolny, Jacksonville, TX

"John has written several briefs for me, and I plan for him to write all of my briefs in the future."—Isaac Castro, Hamlin, TX

"John has done outstanding work for me and my clients for over twenty years. I believe he is the best legal researcher in Texas."—Tim Sisk, Georgetown, TX

"Concise and to the point, very affordable."—Roger Bellows, Three Rivers, TX

"John continues to be as good as it gets. i have no complaints and am confident with what he does for me. It is always the very best!"—Pable Bustamante, San Antonio, TX

"Always great!! Knows his stuff and always helps me with my issues!! Has helped me for years and years!!"—Robert McInvale, Lubbock, TX

"I was extremely pleased as always with Mr. Beliveau. He did a great job!!"—Thomas Thurlow, Houston, TX

"John is awesome.  Always available, always on time, and always ready to brainstorm issues."—Dinesh Singhal, Houston, TX

"John is awesome.  Quick, attentive and replies with great information and detail."—Jody Fauley, San Saba, TX

"Both I and my clients were very pleased with John's very able assistance!"—Joseph Babb, Austin, TX

"John is awesome."—Dinesh Singhal, Houston, TX

"As always, John took a complicated situation and broke it down to its vital parts, analyzed those parts and the pertinent law and prepared a fine memo for me. He always does good work and I always give him tough projects."—Steve Brannan, Odessa, TX

"John's extremely good at what he does.  He's a brilliant writer and briefer and I am always confident that I will have the upper hand with one of his legal opinions or briefs."—Cheryl Jeter, Houston, TX

"Mr. Beliveau did an excellent job."—Thomas Thurlow, Houston, TX

"John does a fantastic job. Every time!"—Barron Neal, Marshall, TX

"Very efficient, thorough and pleasant to deal with during the project."—Reggie Wilson, Wichita Falls, TX

"I am so grateful for John’s dedication, professionalism and passion. I’ve hired him several times before and He is truly the best research lawyer I’ve ever worked with... Thank you so much John; I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the amazing legal work you do on my behalf."—John Kechejian, Irving, TX

"John did a superb job on a difficult assignment in writing both the appellate brief and reply brief."—Steven Pitzner, Rowlette, TX

"Mr. Beliveau has the smartest legal mind of any attorney I have known in my 43 years of being an attorney."—John Sisk, Georgetown, TX

"John is the best.... he is good to talk with if necessary, but really good at what he does."—Pablo Bustamante, San Antonio, TX

"John is a quick study and has an uncanny ability to simplify the issues."—Jeff Messock, Houston, TX 

"Always does a great job! He makes my job easier."—Robert McInvale, Houston, TX

"I have used John T. Beliveau on numerous occasions for many years and am always pleased.  He is always on top of things!"—Carver Henry, Houston, TX

"I have dealt with John for over 10 years and he has been great."—Rolando Cantu, McAllen, TX

"Great job, as usual. John has done a number of briefs and a habeas/mandamus for me. I am very pleased. He knows his stuff."—Robert McInvale, Houston, TX

"John, as always, was fantastic. He gets it!"—Charles Soechting, San Marco, TX

"He always does a very good job. He takes the time to offer suggestions and he saves my clients significant sums of money."—Mike Berkley, Forestburg, TX

"I have handed my legal problems to John Beliveau on many occasions and he has come through remarkably well on each and every occasion. Whether the problems was a plea to the jurisdiction, motion for summary judgment, or just legal research of issues in a complicated case, he has always been time and extremely helpful. I will call upon him again when I need help on complicated legal issues. I always feel I am getting value for the services for which I am paying."—Rick Powell, Forth Worth, TX

"I have dealt with John Beliveau for over 20 years and have had excellent results. He has introduced me to Jami Lampert and Lori Stitch and they have also produced excellent results... thank all of you for a great relationship."--Rolando Cantu, McAllen, TX

"John is amazing. Extremely smart and quick. I trust him on any issue I submit to him and his briefs/motions/etc. have won cases for me."—Cheryl Jeter, Houston, TX

"John has helped me over the years and always does an excellent job and gives me ideas that I failed to think about.  He is top notch."—Thomas Conner, Houston, TX

"He's great! He is so smart and always turns out top rate briefs for me."—Cheryl Jeter, Houston, TX

"I have used John multiple times and he has always come through for me.  Well written briefs and great argument. I recently had multiple defense motions for summary judgment on complex issues denied thanks to John's work. The response he drafted to municipalities' plea to the jurisdiction caused the city to cancel their hearing on the plea. I have been extremely happy with his work."—Rick Powell, Fort Worth, TX

"John always does a good job for us.  He is a dog that will hunt."—Dicky Grugg, Austin, TX

"John does GREAT work."—Daniel Loveland, TX

"Great Job as always. John knows his stuff, is a quick and thorough researcher, is very prompt with work, responds to my contacts quickly. John is why I keep using NLRG Texas. Thanks."—Reid McInvale, Houston, TX

"Just the best, pure professionalism."—Horacio Pena Jr., Mission, TX

"Always does an excellent job."—Mike Berkley, Rowlett, TX

"John is always available and always delivers projects—sooner than later."—M. Mark Lesher, Texarkana, TX

"John is always so pleasant and helpful—he really attempts to enter into 'your problem!'"—G. H. Lampley, San Angelo, TX

"It's always a pleasure to work with John Beliveau."—Carson Smith, Amarillo, TX

"John is very good and easy to work with."—Donald K. Nix, Arlington, TX

"Great service. Mr. Beliveau was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and prompt in his work. Have recommended his service to several other attorneys."—David Luther, Austin, TX

"John Beliveau is excellent.  He is quick to grasp what I need and provides an excellent product."—George Watson, Austin, TX

"You did a great job—fast and efficient!"—Camille E. Hailey, College Station, TX

"I very much appreciated being able to talk my issue out with John Beliveau, and he was helpful in defining the issues he would work on for me."—Dawn Dittmar, Columbus, TX

"Your research is a welcome addition to my firm.  It's like I have an experienced associate and researcher when I need one."—J. Timothy Sisk, Conroe, TX

"I believe his services were superlative and very reasonably priced for the benefit of all concerned!"—Tom P. Briggs, Dallas, TX

"John 'B' has provided me with excellent assistance on my requests."—Richard Corbitt, Dallas, TX

"Your work was timely, correct, and professional."—Sharon L. Fisher, Dallas, TX

"John [Beliveau] is always available and his work is exceptional!"—Harry J. Fisk, Dallas, TX

"First time problem, out of state, no computer or help.  John Beliveau became coach, mentor, research, and document preparer.  Could not have handled it in time without him.  Look forward to his ongoing help."—John D. Tyler, Daytona Beach, FL

"John always provides quality work product, on time."—Joseph C. Blanks, Doucette, TX

"I appreciate the timeliness with which you had [my product] ready."—J. Todd Southern, El Paso, TX

"I have never been dissatisfied with any work product from NLRG generally or TLR specifically."—James R. Chapman, Fredericksburg, TX

"John was great—grasped the concept immediately and ran with it.  Provided needed cases.  Who could ask for more?"—Ron Bird, Helotes, TX

"John Beliveau has written a number of pleadings for me in which he has developed and articulated substantive legal issues."—Claude Allen, Houston, TX

"Counsel was very helpful and generous with his time and support. He not only provided the legal motions but added and discussed the procedural trial tactics."—Sylvia Castillo, Houston, TX

"I was pleased with the work and the professional and helpful attitude of John Beliveau."—Travis D. Johnson, Houston, TX

"John was very patient with me and offered great suggestions as to the approach."—Charles M. Jordan, Houston, TX

"Your research skills are great!"—Kathleen Cynthia Pickett, Houston, TX

"Thanks, John; you have been a great help on our case!"—Hector P. Sanchez, Houston, TX

"John Beliveau is very knowledgeable and competent and does great work.  I intend to continue to use him on all projects in the future."—Ross A. Sears II, Houston, TX

"John does great work."—J. Barron Neal, Marshall, TX

"I was amazed with John's familiarity with the specifics of my request. I have already recommended the service to other attorneys."—Brian Chavez, Odessa, TX

"John Beliveau understands the issues and responds with the information and analysis in a form I can use unedited!"—Diana Reed, Waxahachie, TX

"I have had the pleasure of working with John on three matters now and he has been consistently excellent and a pleasure to work with."—Frank W. Morgan, The Woodlands, TX

"John provides a very concise analysis on every project has has done for me, He does a great job explaining options available, both the good and the bad, to address my issues so I can make the best decision in what to do for my client. I have tremendous confidence in John and his work product."—Jack Robinson, Rockwall, TX

"He gave me what I needed to argue in court."—Hollis Lewis, Cameron, TX

"Been using John for years. He is the man!"—Mark Levin, Houston, TX

"John has assisted me over 25 years and each time that he has assisted me has been both educational and a pleasure working with him."—Rolando Cantu, McAllen, TX

"Always top notch work!"—Frank Dobrovolny, Jacksonville, TX



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