Senior Research Attorney Sandra L. Thomas

A.A., American College in Paris.  B.A., Boston University. J.D., Georgetown University Law Center.  Member, California and D.C. Bars.

Sandra worked for 12 years as a staff attorney with the California Court of Appeal.  While practicing law in California, she was the successful appellate attorney in In re DeJohn B., 84 Cal. App. 4th 100, 100 Cal. Rptr. 2d 649 (4th Dist. 2000).  She has also served on the staff of the District of Columbia Law Revision Commission, and operated a private appellate practice in Redlands, California, with a particular focus on juvenile abuse and neglect cases.  She is an assistant editor of Equitable Distribution Journal.

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Client Testimonials on Sandra Thomas

"Ms. Thomas was amazing!! Loved her work and passion!!"—Nellie Aguilar, Fresno, CA

"Easy to work with. Work completed in the timeframe discussed. Amount of time was within timeframe discussed."—Rosemarie Anderson, Hackensack, NJ

"I had a complicated issue of first impression in Virginia in an already messy divorce case regarding imputing gift income to the opposing party. It was an issue that had been at the forefront since the very beginning of the case, and the opposing party had completely stonewalled on it through two separate attorneys. With the help of Sandra's research I was able to brief the issue to the Court as to why the Court should follow the Rule from other jurisdictions which would favor our side, which prompted a complete 180 from the opposing party and led to a global settlement very favorable to my client's position."—Patrick McGraw, Roanoke, VA

"Sandra has helped me with a number of my cases. She is always thorough, prompt and a delight to work with!"—Mona Flax, Virginia Beach, VA

"Sandra did an excellent job in ascertaining the issues, finding, authority and preparing a draft memorandum."—Stanley Cohen, New York, NY

"Sandra Thomas did a wonderful job. She was always available; she was prompt and thorough."—Howard L. Gum, Asheville, NC

Great job as always!"—W. Lee Allen, Greenville, NC

"She helped me win multiple cases through not only her research but her legal strategies! I am more than satisfied, as although have a lot of experience in the practice of law, my research skills are the weakest." Ken Lawson, East Ridge, TN


Other satisfied clients:

William B. Ferns, Marquette, MI