Senior Research Attorney Timothy J. Snider

B.A., Northwestern University, 1969. M.B.A., West Virginia University, 1978. J.D., University of Pittsburgh Law School, 1973, where Tim was on the Law Review.  Member, Louisiana and West Virginia Bars.

Tim has trial and general litigation experience from his days in private practice and in the United States Marine Corps prior to joining NLRG in 1980.  He specializes in Antitrust, Intellectual Property, Commercial Law, Tax Law, and Securities.  He has prepared many briefs to the United States Courts of Appeals, including to the Sixth Circuit in a contracts/agricultural law case, to the Federal Circuit in a gray market case, and many matters to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, involving claims for allowance/rejection of registration of trademarks.  He was counsel of record in Dunlap v. G&L Holding Group, Inc., 381 F.3d 1285 (11th Cir. 2004), and is the author of Regulation of the Commodities Futures and Options Markets (2d ed. 1995), cited in Dunn v. Commodity Futures Trading Comm'n, 519 U.S. 465 (1997).

Tim is an avid music lover, hosting The Sunday Opera Matinee on WTJU FM 91.1.  He blogs at and lectures prior to performances of the MET in HD at the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville.

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Client Testimonials on Tim Snider

"The best as usual."—Don Richard, New Orleans, LA

"Mr. Snider's work was very good and I am very satisfied. Every issue I asked to be covered was covered."—Dwight H. Chamberlin, Woodstock, GA

"I am very satisfied with Mr. Snider's and NLRG's work on this matter. This set of [jury] instructions, and your research comments, are a real help for my presentation of my client's case.  Given the short time frame allowed by the Court to get these filed, I can only say THANK YOU."—Casey Struckmann, Front Royal, VA

"On time, as promised and quality work. Just what we needed."—Steven Teppler, Jacksonville, FL

"I'm very happy with Tim's work product. Thanks very much."—Richard Sampson, Boston, MA

"I received the research and I am very satisfied with the results."—Watson M. Marshall, Richmond, VA

"I have always used National Legal Research Group, Inc. for outside research and the service on his particular case was exceptionally expedient which met the client's needs. Thank you for your continued assistance."— Benjamin M. Butler, Winchester, VA

"Tim is always responsive, detailed, professional and a great advocate."—Tyler M. Moore, Roanoke, VA

"As usual, a prompt and effective response."—Arthur O. Armstrong, Los Angeles, CA

"Tim [Snider] is (1) available, (2) super competent, and (3) enjoyable to work with.  I look forward to his continued help on this case."—P. Douglas Morrison, Clearwater, FL

"We continue to be impressed by the quality of your work products and will absolutely use NLRG again."—John G. Pierce, Orlando, FL

"Tim [Snider] was very easy to work with and helped me through some very complex areas."—Robert W. Perkins, Tallahassee, FL

"National Legal Research Group provided this office with timely and well designed service in preparing a trial brief for use in a contract case. We were well pleased."—John I. Heise Jr., Gaithersburg, MD

"Tim [Snider] has been a pleasure to work with. He is efficient, effective, and his memoranda are eloquent in content and clear and calculated in wording."—Annie Schwartz, Rockville, MD

"Mr. Snider has always done first-class work for us in a very timely manner."—William Woodward Webb, Raleigh, NC

"I am pleased with [Tim Snider's] response to my main question in this case.  [His] efforts were on point, timely, and cost-effective for my client."—J. Casey Struckmann, Front Royal, VA


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