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    What Attorneys are Saying about NLRG

    Victor Kormeier, Houston, TX

    Fantastic work. I have consulted with Alistair [Edwards] several times over the last10 years. His work has always been impeccable.

    Tags: Alistair D. Edwards, TX

    William R. “Randy” Phipps, Hilton Head Island, SC

    The document [by Brett Turner] exceeded my expectations and suggested arguments that I probably would not have thought of, or at least had not thought of previously.  The work product is outstanding.

    Tags: Brett R. Turner, SC

    Guy W. Crabtree, Durham NC

    The legal memo was exactly what we requested and needed for our purposes.  It was very comprehensive and laid out contrary and minority holdings to help us properly understand and assess our chances on appeal.  The work done by NLRG gives us confidence to participate in the required appellate settlement conference from a position of strength. 

    Tags: NC, Alfred C. Shackelford III

    Theo Mitchell, Greenville, SC

    [Amy] Gore was very affable and professional in her handling of my matter. She was very on point in her research. Thank you Ms. Gore and the NLRG. Will definitely use again, as well as, refer others, too!

    Tags: South Carolina, Amy Gore

    Brian Coleman, Manassas, VA

    Fred Shackelford was a huge assistance in a large case that we had. Fred was able to provide us amazing research on a novel legal issue that helped us on pre-trial motions and potential appellate issues. Fred's research freed us up to focus on other issues in the case and saved us a huge amount of time.

    Tags: Alfred C. Shackelford III, Virginia

    Arthur Carmody Jr., Shreveport, LA

    As always, it is a pleasure to work with your firm. The 12-page memorandum prepared was indeed excellent. I thank you for a job well done.

    Tags: John M Stone, LA

    William Sitton, Charlotte, NC

    Lee Dunham is my secret weapon. She and her colleagues allow me to compete against much larger law firms in venues as demanding as Federal District Courts. From pleadings to memoranda of law to motions to trial briefs to jury issues and instructions, the quality of her work product is second to none.

    Tags: NC, Lee Dunham

    Barbara Jacobson, Cincinnati, OH

    Lee is both a brilliant legal mind as well as a smooth easy-to-read writer. It is a rare combination to find one person to explain complicated subjects in a simple, persuasive text. Excellent work!!

    Tags: OH, Lee Dunham

    Kenneth Barber, East Hampton, CT

    Used the group several times now. Very pleased with the results.

    Tags: Paul A. Ferrer, CT

    Ronald Miller, Beltsville, MD

    Lee has worked with me on several bankruptcy matters, and she has been a pleasure to work with at all times. Lee is very knowledgeable, bright, friendly, incisive and an excellent writer. Lee understands the projects, is responsive, timely and incredibly helpful. I am certain that we will be working together again. Lee helps make my practice as a solo attorney manageable, and helps take the pressure off me when the workload is heavy and the time frame is relatively short.

    Tags: MD, Lee Dunham