You, the Jury, and the Internet

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The increasingly prominent role the Internet plays in American society poses a potential threat to the integrity of jury trials from the influence of outside information, both before and during trials. This results from juror information searches, from juror contact with litigant advocacy on the World Wide Web, and from jurors themselves blogging and/or posting comments concerning their experiences as potential or actual jurors. On the other hand, the Internet also offers great potential for attorneys when they are selecting juries. Attorneys can access the expanding footprints of potential jurors on the Internet resulting from the availability of their public records online; their membership in social, political, and other organizations or causes with a presence on the Internet; their membership in social networking websites; and their own Internet postings and comments. This White Paper addresses both the danger for jurors of easy access to outside information and the beneficial potential for gathering information about potential jurors by lawyers. It also offers a range of recommendations for minimizing the pitfalls and maximizing the benefits of the Internet in the jury context.

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