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    Announcing 2019 Best Jury Consulting Award and ABA Best Sellers

    Posted by Jeffrey T. Frederick, Ph.D. on Thu, Sep 26, 2019 @ 14:09 PM

    September 27, 2019

    Jeffrey T. Frederick, Ph.D.

    News: NLRG Voted Best Jury/Trial Consulting Service in Virginia for Third Straight Year

                Two recent events highlight our Jury Research Services Division’s work and dedication to forwarding an understanding of jury behavior and jury trials for the legal community. These events are the number one ranking by Virginia Lawyers Weekly Readers for Best Jury/Trial Consulting Service and our two books on jury selection that currently are ABA best sellers.

    Best Jury/Trial Consulting Service in Virginia


                Earlier this year, the Virginia Lawyers Weekly conducted its third annual reader’s ranking poll for various legal related services in Virginia. For the third consecutive year, the National Legal Research Group, Inc. (through its Jury Research Services Division), was ranked number one in the category of “Best Jury/Trial Consulting Service” in Virginia. This is an acknowledgment of our hard work and dedication to providing quality jury research services to attorneys both in Virginia and across the nation. We thank the readers for their recognition and support.

    Two Books on Jury Selection are ABA “Best Sellers”

                Last year marked the publication of two books on jury selection by Dr. Frederick through the GP Solo Division. Both books have become “best sellers.”

    Mastering Voir Dire and Jury Selection: Gain an Edge in Questioning and Selecting Your Jury, Fourth Edition


              This much anticipated and expanded fourth edition goes beyond other books on jury selection and focuses on the skills needed to conduct effective voir dire and jury selection, ultimately improving your chances of a favorable verdict at trial. This valuable guide will help you understand effective voir dire and jury selection strategies and adapt them to the unique circumstances you face in your trial jurisdiction.

              This book is packed with updated practical advice, a new chapter on courts-martial, and supplemented with appendices, including examples of useful voir dire questions for civil and criminal cases. In addition, you will have access to an Internet catalog of more than 190 juror questionnaires, including questionnaires from Colorado v. James Eagan Holmes, In re Exxon Valdez, i4i LP v. Microsoft Corporation, David Mueller v. Taylor Swift et al., United States v. Zacarious Moussaoui, California v. Scott Peterson, United States v. MAJ Nidal Hasan, and United States v. Senator Robert Menendez and Salomon Melgen, among many others.

    Mastering Voir Dire and Jury Selection: Supplemental Juror Questionnaires


               This companion book to Mastering Voir Dire: Gain an Edge in Questioning and Selecting Your Jury, Fourth Edition (2018) educates the reader on how to create and use supplemental juror questionnaires. It provides a valuable guide to understanding, creating, and more effectively utilizing supplemental juror questionnaires. After exploring the fundamentals of sound questionnaire design and implementation, this book provides 22 supplemental juror questionnaires from a variety of criminal and civil trials used across the country, including Ohio v. Raymond Tensing (murder-police shooting), U.S. v. William Baroni Jr. and Bridget Anne Kelly (public corruption-Bridgegate scandal), U.S. v. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Boston Marathon bombing), In re Visa Check/Mastermoney Antitrust Litigation (antitrust), Earl Washington Jr. v. Kenneth Buraker et al. (violation of civil rights), and Texas v. American Tobacco Company et al. (tobacco product liability), among others.

                Explore tips for conducting effective group voir dire from our Master Group Voir Dire Tips Series. Check out our introductory two-minute video, Tip 1, Tip 2, Tip 3, Tip 4, Tip 5, Tip 6, Tip 7, Tip 8, Tip 9, and Tip 10.

                For more information on voir dire and jury selection, see Mastering Voir Dire and Jury Selection: Gain an Edge in Questioning and Selecting Your Jury, Fourth Edition (2018). Also, check out my companion book on supplemental juror questionnaires, Mastering Voir Dire and Jury Selection: Supplemental Juror Questionnaires (2018).

    Available podcasts:

                On January 25, 2019, Dr. Frederick presented a CLE program entitled “Mastering Voir Dire and Jury Selection” at the ABA Midyear Meeting at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Legal Talk Network conducted a short, 10-minute interview in conjunction with this program. You can listen to this podcast at: https://legaltalknetwork.com/podcasts/special-reports/2019/01/aba-midyear-meeting-2019-mastering-voir-dire-and-jury-selection/.

                Dr. Frederick presented a 60-minute program based on his book, Mastering Voir Dire and Jury Selection: Gain an Edge in Questioning and Selecting Your Jury, for the ABA Solo Small Firm and General Practice Division’s November 21, 2018 session of Hot Off the Press telephone conference/podcast. Check it out at the Hot Off the Press podcast library at: https://www.americanbar.org/groups/gpsolo/podcasts/2018-podcast-library/

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