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    Civil Procedure

    The Utility of a Declaratory Judgment Action

    ATTORNEY AND CLIENT—LEGAL ETHICS “Reply All” Only When You Mean It

    Rule 60(b)(1) “Mistake” Includes a Judicial Error of Law

    Fourth Circuit Reverses Course on Case-by-Case Approach to What Is a “Final Decision”

    ATTORNEY AND CLIENT: Ethical Considerations in a Virtual Practice

    Damages Awarded for Pursuit of Divorce Case in Violation of Automatic Stay

    Successive Motions for Summary Judgment—When to Try for a “Second Bite at the Apple”

    Attorney's Fees as Damages for Breach of Covenant Not to Sue

    Responding Competently to Incompetently Drafted Pleadings

    What Happens to a Derivative Action When the Company Settles a Parallel Lawsuit?

    COVID-19 Venue Issues and Relevant Practical Problems

    Maritime Law—Could COVID-19 Cruise Ship Passenger Litigation Sink the Cruise Line Industry?

    Bid to Recover Picasso Painting Foiled in Rare Case Where Laches Defense Overcomes Express Statute of Limitations

    Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Discovery Deadlines

    Is Virginia Inching Toward The Federal Twiqbal Pleading Standards?

    CIVIL PROCEDURE: Contractual Waivers of Statute of Limitations Held Unenforceable in Virginia

    APPELLATE PRACTICE:  Sanctions Including Dismissal and Fines Imposed over Noncompliant Briefs

    Dismissal of Frivolous Prisoner and In Forma Pauperis Actions in Federal Court

    Seeking Appellate Relief Under Mandatory Standard of Review Theory

    Facebook's Alleged Intrusion on Users' Privacy Confers Standing to Maintain Class Action

    Submission of Materials Outside the Pleadings in Response to a Rule 12(b)(6) or Rule 12(c) Motion

    BANKRUPTCY: Effect of Prior Bankruptcies on Civil Litigation

    Laches in Cases Where Suit Is Commenced Within Limitations Period

    Civil Rights Litigation: The Supreme Court Further Restricts Bivens Actions

    Issue Preclusion Between Claims Arising Under Two Different Statutes

    International Service of Process via Twitter

    CIVIL PROCEDURE: Effect of Dismissal Without Prejudice in Mortgage Foreclosure Suits

    ATTORNEY AND CLIENT: Attorneys Must Preserve Confidential Information While Executing Judgment for Fees

    CIVIL PROCEDURE: Objecting to Requests for Production under the Federal Rules

    CIVIL PROCEDURE: Strictly Construing Service of Process Rules to Devastating Effect

    CIVIL PROCEDURE: The Attorney Testimony Rule—Attorney Affidavits and Summary Judgment

    CIVIL PROCEDURE: Achieving "Proportionality" in Discovery

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