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    Hospital Settles Claim Filed by Employee Denied Benefits for Same-Sex Spouse

    Posted by Nicole Prysby on Tue, Nov 1, 2016 @ 11:11 AM

         The EEOC has announced that Mon General Hospital in West Virginia will settle a charge of sex discrimination filed by an employee who was denied benefits for her same-sex spouse. The female employee was married to another female and sought medical benefits for her spouse. She was informed that the hospital’s policy only provided coverage for opposite-sex spouses. The parties reached a voluntary agreement through EEOC’s conciliation process. The agreement provides monetary relief to the employee for costs incurred due to the discrimination and requires the hospital to communicate its new non-discrimination policy to employees. The hospital must also make reports to EEOC semi-annually as to whether any requests for same-sex spouse benefits have been made and whether they were granted. For more details, see the EEOC’s announcement.

    Topics: benefits, Title VII, EEOC

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