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    Personal Injury and Insurance Law Legal Research Blog

    TORTS:  Duty of Care by a Supplier of Tools or Chattels


    Claims for Both Direct Negligence and Vicarious Liability

    INSURANCE: Limits on Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage for Farm-Type Vehicles

    INSURANCE: Evidence—Admissibility of Tortfeasor’s Insurance Coverage

    Bystander Recovery for Grandparents

    Technology Expands Recovery for Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress

    PERSONAL INJURY: Tort Immunity for Nonprofit Volunteers Is Limited to Their Organizational Roles

    INSURANCE: Business Interruption—COVID-19 Claims

    PERSONAL INJURY: Medical Malpractice—Liability Without a Doctor-Patient Relationship

    TORTS: Government's Liability for Child Abuse by Foster Parents

    Liability for Employer's Failure to Obtain Workers’ Compensation Insurance

    TORTS: Therapist's Liability for Eliciting False Memories of Sexual Abuse

    INSURANCE: Automatic Revocation of Beneficiary upon Divorce

    TORTS: Is Your Computer Tracking You?

    TORTS: Social Host's Legal Duty to Render First Aid

    PERSONAL INJURY: Comparative Fault in Crashworthiness Cases

    PERSONAL INJURY: Suicide as Intervening Event

    CONTRACTS: Breach-of-Contract Claims in Medical Malpractice Cases Require Breach of Additional Promise

    PERSONAL INJURY: Effect of Injured Party's Immigration Status

    TORTS/SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY: Foreign-Country Exception to the Federal Tort Claims Act

    TORTS: Federal Tort Claims Act—Effect of State Time Limitations

    PERSONAL INJURY: Hospital's Liability for Malpractice Based on Apparent Agency

    PERSONAL INJURY: Punitive Damages Awarded Against a Decedent's Estate

    WRONGFUL DEATH: Apportioning Wrongful Death Proceeds Between Decedent's Survival Claim and Beneficiaries' Wrongful Death Claim

    PERSONAL INJURY: Nuisance Claims—Recovery for Emotional Distress

    PERSONAL INJURY: Negligence—Innkeeper's Duty When Evicting Guests

    PERSONAL INJURY: Does Medical Monitoring in Absence of Present Physical Injury Merit Award of Damages?

    PERSONAL INJURY: Comparing Compensatory Damages Awards to Evaluate Excessiveness of Punitive Damages Awards

    PERSONAL INJURY: Applying the "Golden Rule" to Liability Arguments

    PERSONAL INJURY: Tort of Malicious Prosecution Is Expanded in Hawaii

    PERSONAL INJURY LAW UPDATE: "Baseball Rule" Does Not Apply in Idaho

    MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: Montana Supreme Court Recognizes Cause of Action for Negligent Credentialing

    CIVIL PROCEDURE: How Not to Execute Service of Process

    PERSONAL INJURY LAW UPDATE: Cause of Action for Wrongful Death of Nonviable Fetus

    PERSONAL INJURY: Preinjury Release of Child's Personal Injury Claim Held Invalid

    PERSONAL INJURY LAW UPDATE: Establishing Liability for Invasion of Privacy

    INSURANCE LAW: Elements of "General Average" Risk Applicable to Maritime Piracy

    PERSONAL INJURY & INSURANCE LAW UPDATE: Umbrella Liability Policies—Must They Provide UM/UIM Coverage?

    TORTS: Negligent Misrepresentation—Economic Loss Rule

    PERSONAL INJURY LAW UPDATE: Medical Malpractice—Effect of Treatment Expense on Potential Liability

    Survivor's Benefits Under the Black Lung Benefits Act

    PERSONAL INJURY: Premises Liability—Harm Caused Off the Premises by Natural Conditions

    PERSONAL INJURY: The Effect of a Patient's Fault in Medical Malpractice Cases

    PERSONAL INJURY: The Duty to Protect Third Parties Against Exposure to Take-Home Asbestos

    INSURANCE: Coverage for Manufacturer's Economic Loss

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