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    Products Liability Law Legal Research Blog

    No Due Process Violation in Application of Collateral Estoppel

    Similar Incident Evidence Admissible in Unintended Acceleration Case

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY: Manufacturer Not Strictly Liable for Sale of Product Containing Defective Components

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY: What Statute of Limitations Governs Breach-of-Warranty Claims for Personal Injury?

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY: Strict Liability—Definition of "Product User" Expanded

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY: Expert Testimony Based on Unfounded Assumption Inadmissible

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY: Nonmanufacturing Seller May Be Liable

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY UPDATE: Medical Monitoring for Long Term Smokers Denied

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY: Reading a Product Warning Constitutes "Use" of the Product

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY UPDATE: The "Other Property" Exception to the Economic Loss Rule in Tort Claims

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY UPDATE: U.S. District Court in Texas Considers Numerous Choice-of-Law Issues in Applying Hawaii Substantive Law to Plaintiffs' Claims

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY UPDATE: Sixth Circuit Finds Drug Manufacturer Entitled to Immunity Despite Claims of Fraud on the FDA

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY: State Law Claims Involving Hip Prosthesis Preempted by the Medical Device Amendments to the FDCA

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY UPDATE: U.S. Court of Appeals Affirms $16.5 Million Pain and Suffering Award to Injured User of Anti-Inflammatory Drug

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY: Federal Law Preempts Texas Fraud-on-the-FDA Rebuttal Statute

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY UPDATE: Fifth Circuit Reverses District Court's Judgment That Hip Replacement Claims Were Preempted by Medical Device Amendments

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY: Determining Federal Preemption in a State Tort Passenger Seatbelt Action

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY: U.S. Supreme Court Holds That Federal Law Preempts State Laws Requiring Generic Drug Manufacturers to Change Labels on Drugs

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY: Court of Another State Was Not an Alternate Forum

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY: Educational Warnings Regarding Drug Discussed in the Context of Removal

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY: U.S. District Court Upholds Award of $21 Million Against Manufacturer of Anti-Inflammatory Drug

    PRODUCTS LIABILITY: Exception in State Statute Providing Defense Based upon FDA Approval of Labeling Not Preempted

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