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    What Attorneys are Saying about NLRG

    Bob Rider, Roanoke, VA

    I have used NLRG on many occasions and am always greatly impressed with the response times and research provided. I count myself fortunate to have available, and to have worked with, Mark and the NLRG.

    Tags: VA, Mark V. Rieber

    Graham Showalter, Lewisburg, PA

    NLRG is an outstanding legal research organization! I have used their services for over 15 years - and find them to be exemplary!

    Tags: PA, Matthew T. McDavitt

    James Bacon, Fairfax, VA

    I have used the services of Paul Ferrer for over 20 years. He is the best of the best. His mind is brilliant and he always thinks outside the box, something my clients and I truly appreciate!

    Tags: Paul A. Ferrer, VA

    Stephen R. Little, Marion, NC

    Thank you [Anne Hemenway] for your excellent research and the Memorandum you prepared.  Because NC case law does not have anything like a 3-prong test regarding the enforceability of liquidated damages, I had no idea such an issue even existed!  Thank you for your thoroughness in providing me not only with notice of this issue, but an excellent analysis of the Georgia law on the topic!  I have turned to NLRG about 7 or 8 times over the past 25 years and I have always been delighted with the thorough, comprehensive research NLRG has provided.


    Tags: NC, Anne Bryan Hemenway

    Justin Dross, Potomac, MD

    Great talent for disregarding the irrelevant, seizing the issues, and doing pointed research and writing. John [Stone] wrote great brief on a unusual issue of premises liability law.

    Tags: MD, John M Stone

    Joseph Crabtree, Athens, TN

    The research performed and the written materials were exactly on point. I was able to use the written argument with little change to prevail on the issue.

    Tags: TN, Charlene J. Hicks

    Victor Kormeier, Houston, TX

    Fantastic work. I have consulted with Alistair [Edwards] several times over the last10 years. His work has always been impeccable.

    Tags: Alistair D. Edwards, TX

    William R. “Randy” Phipps, Hilton Head Island, SC

    The document [by Brett Turner] exceeded my expectations and suggested arguments that I probably would not have thought of, or at least had not thought of previously.  The work product is outstanding.

    Tags: Brett R. Turner, SC

    Guy W. Crabtree, Durham NC

    The legal memo was exactly what we requested and needed for our purposes.  It was very comprehensive and laid out contrary and minority holdings to help us properly understand and assess our chances on appeal.  The work done by NLRG gives us confidence to participate in the required appellate settlement conference from a position of strength. 

    Tags: NC, Alfred C. Shackelford III

    Theo Mitchell, Greenville, SC

    [Amy] Gore was very affable and professional in her handling of my matter. She was very on point in her research. Thank you Ms. Gore and the NLRG. Will definitely use again, as well as, refer others, too!

    Tags: South Carolina, Amy Gore