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    The Employment Lawyer Blog by John F. Buckley IV

    Single Incident May Support Harassment Claim

    DOL Sues J.P. Morgan & Chase for Discriminatory Pay Practices

    EEOC Sues Employer for Reverse Discrimination

    EEOC Amends Rehabilitation Act Regulations

    Court Grants Preliminary Injunction for FLSA Overtime Regulation Changes

    EEOC Issues New Enforcement Guidance on National Origin Discrimination

    EEOC Announces $1.5 Million Disability Discrimination Settlement

    Recent Actions Regarding Non-Compete Agreements

    Hospital Settles Claim Filed by Employee Denied Benefits for Same-Sex Spouse

    Virginia Business Owner Convicted of Felony Wage Fraud

    DOL Revises FLSA Regulations on "White-Collar" Overtime Exemption

    Federal, State Legislation Banning Employer Requests for Social Media Information

    CIVIL RIGHTS: Pregnancy Discrimination Under PDA—Supreme Court's Interpretation of Same-Treatment Clause in Young v. United Parcel Service, Inc.

    EEOC Announces Recent Charge Filing Statistics and Settlements

    EMPLOYMENT LAW: Keeping Employment Policies Apace with Developments in Same-Sex Marriage and Gender Identity Discrimination

    Supreme Court Holds 2012 Recess Appointments to NLRB Invalid

    EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION: Religious Harassment in Workplace—Cautionary Tale for Employers

    EMPLOYMENT LAW: Employment Non-Discrimination Act ("ENDA")

    The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

    EMPLOYMENT LAW UPDATE: Supreme Court Upholds ACA—What Employers Must Do Now

    EMPLOYMENT LAW UPDATE: Legislation Banning Employer Requests for Social Media Information

    Challenges to the Individual Mandate Under the New Health-Care Law

    CYBERLAW: Potential Liability for Operating a Website

    EMPLOYMENT LAW: Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Illegal Workers Law Against Preemption Challenge

    EMPLOYMENT LAW: New NLRB Rule Mandates Posting of Employee Union Rights

    EMPLOYMENT LAW: Accommodating Employees' Religious Observances and Practices

    EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION: Supreme Court Applies Proximate Cause Analysis to USERRA "Cat's Paw" Case

    EMPLOYMENT LAW: Workplace Computers and Other Devices

    EMPLOYMENT LAW: Workplace Computers and the Internet

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