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    Family Law Research

    NLRG has had a great deal of experience in all areas of family law.  Each year, we have assisted clients across the country on hundreds of research projects in this area.  In addition, our attorneys have written leading family law treatises and publications.  


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    Among the specific topics which our family law attorney team regularly addresses are the following:


    Our award winning attorneys can assist divorce attorneys with extensive divorce law research to help them win their cases. If you are an attorney needing additional legal research for a divorce case, submit your case information now. Common divorce law research topics our team addresses are the following:

    • Jurisdiction
    • No-fault divorce
    • Recognition of foreign decrees
    • Evidence
    • Attorney's fees



    Since equitable distribution laws can vary by state, our team of family law attorneys can assist you with additional legal research for your case. Common research topics include:

    • What constitutes marital/community and nonmarital/separate property
    • Valuation of assets
    • Discovery
    • Treatment of specific assets (e.g., retirement benefits, goodwill, stock options, personal injury proceeds)



    Courts can have broad discretion in whether to award alimony and in determining how much and for what length of time. Our attorneys have many years of experience handling these common subjects in family law cases:
    • Rehabilitative alimony
    • Validity of escalation or percentage clauses
    • Alimony guidelines
    • Size of award
    • Modification or termination due to changed circumstances, cohabitation, or remarriage
    • Collection of arrearage
    • Uniform Interstate Family Support Act


    Our research attorneys can help you prepare your case and provide additional research and writing for the following common issues that are present in child custody cases:
    • Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
    • Child support enforcement
    • Joint custody
    • Modification of custody
    • Child snatching
    • Visitation rights of parents, grandparents and others


    If you are a child support attorney, our team can help can help you with your case. Typically, we deal with the following issues in child support cases:
    • Guidelines; Definition of income
    • Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
    • Effect of private agreements
    • Modification upward or downward


    Many issues can come up regarding tax considerations after a divorce. Our team is prepared to assist divorce attorneys with their case, regardless of the state, with these common tax issues after divorce:
    • Tax Treatment of Alimony
    • Transferring the Dependency Exemption
    • Taxable vs. Nontaxable Transfers


    Our team of family law research attorneys can help with your case regarding common marriage law topics. In most cases, we provide support for the following topics:

    • Validity
    • Annulment
    • Common-law marriage
    • Prenuptial agreement


    Our reseach attorneys have a great deal of experience with the laws surrounding nonmarital cohabitation and how they vary state by state. Common topics include:
    • Property and support rights
    • Cohabitation agreements
    • Cohabitation rights
    • Cohabitation laws


    “The work is excellent. It covers each and every point that is involved in this case.  I believe, withouot fear of contradiction, the court will rule favorable on each and every motion.  Thank you for the Brief and the support.”
    "I had a very short deadline. The response was thorough, timely and on point. Thank you."
    Mark Petersen



    Brett Turner

    B.A., The Johns Hopkins University, 1981. J.D., University of North Carolina Law School, 1984.  Member, North Carolina Bar. In 2015, the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys selected Brett as one of the top 10 Family Law Attorneys in Eastern Virginia.

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    Sandra Thomas

    A.A., American College in Paris.  B.A., Boston University. J.D., Georgetown University Law Center.  Member, California and D.C. Bars.Sandra worked for 12 years as a staff attorney with the California Court of Appeal. 

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    Anne B Hemenway

    B.A., Harvard University, 1979, Cum Laude. J.D., Case Western Reserve University School of Law, 1985.  Member, New Mexico Bar.  Before law school, Anne worked as a legislative assistant for former Senator Birch Bayh and former Senator Joe Tydings.

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    Steve Friedman

    B.A., University of Virginia, 1996. J.D., George Mason University Law School, 1999, where he edited the GMU Civil Rights Law Journal. Member, Virginia Bar.

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    Lee Dunham

    Lee is a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law and a member of the Colorado Bar and Virginia Bar.

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    Nicole prysby

    B.A. (with highest honors), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1992. J.D. (with honors), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law, 1995. Member, Virginia Bar.
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