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    Mortgage Law Legal Research

    The widely fluctuating economic circumstances of the recent past have led to a number of changes in the traditional law governing real estate acquisition and finance.

    Working from a broad base of experience and expertise in the settled law of mortgages, the National Legal Research Group has been in the forefront of the developing trends in this area.

    In addition to the general points below, NLRG has already devoted many hours of research to the increased use of due-on-sale clauses and the constraints on such use, variable and adjustable rate mortgages, transfer fees, and the consequences of increased regulation and preemption by the federal government. NLRG services in the mortgage law area include:

    Real Estate Finance 

    Evaluation of various devices for real estate finance such as mortgages, deeds of trust, wraparound mortgages, and land sale contracts with an eye toward validity and future consequences. Our team of attorneys has a wealth of knowledge in dealing with these agreements and the variations in the law of different jurisdictions. 

    Financing Documents

    Analysis of the legal effect of financing agreement language such as due-on-sale clauses, acceleration clauses, waiver agreements, guaranties, and the like.

    Consideration of the consequences of shifts in liabilities in financing documents, as in assumptions, assignments, or transfers.

    Foreclosure Laws

    Determination of the propriety of the different approaches to foreclosure, including strict and judicial foreclosure, procedural requirements, trustee's sales, redemption, purchaser's rights, and related issues.


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    "I had a certain theory on which I desired to proceed. Brad picked this up, and I was very pleased with the flow of the brief and the manner in which the issues were addressed."
    —Richard Eisenberg, Lyndhurst, OH

    "Alistair's followup work was very helpful...NLRG always does excellend, professional work!"

    — M. Thomas Webber, Jr., Greenville, SC


    MEET OUR Mortgage law legal research ATTORNEYS


    steve friedman

    B.A., University of Virginia, 1996. J.D., George Mason University Law School, 1999, Member, Virginia Bar. Steve joined NLRG in 1999 after having worked for a Northern Virginia law firm. Steve focuses in the areas of Property, Eminent Domain, Local & State Government, Evidence, and Zoning

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    Alistair Edwards

    B.A., University of Virginia, 1994. J.D., University of Florida Law School, 1998.  Member, Maryland and D.C. Bars. He has in-depth experience in mortgages, commercial and residential transactions, landlord and tenant law, adverse possession, easement law, real estate contracts, real estate financing.
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    brad pettit

    B.A., Denison University, 1982.  M.B.A., University of Pittsburgh, 1984.  J.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1986.  Member, Florida Bar. With NLRG, Brad has concentrated on Tax (income, estate, gift, sales and use, estate planning) and Property (real and personal).  

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    Charlene hicks

    B.A., Brigham Young University, 1989. J.D., Marshall Wythe School of Law, College of William and Mary, 1994. Member, Virginia Bar.  Charlene joined NLRG in 1994.  She focuses on Contracts, Commercial Law, Corporations, Creditors' Rights, and Civil Procedure.  Areas of expertise include arbitration, construction law, employment contracts, government contracts, agency,unfair trade practices,and motion and appellate practice.
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