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    Workplace Drug-Use Policies and State Medical/Adult-Use Marijuana Laws

    Love in the Time of COVID-19

    Title VII Plaintiff May Seek Punitive Damages After Releasing Compensatory Claim

    Title VII and "Supervisors"

    Supreme Court Rebuffs Another Challenge to the ACA

    Exotic Dancers—Employees or Independent Contractors?

    Gay and Transgender Employees Are Protected by Federal Antidiscrimination Statute, Supreme Court Holds

    Recent Legislation Provides Coronavirus Relief for the American Workforce

    The Virginia Values Act of 2020 Bans Discrimination Against LGBT

    The ADEA's Numerosity Requirement Does Not Apply to Governmental Defendants

    When Can an Employer Require an Employee to Undergo a Medical Exam Under the ADA?

    Arbitration—“Gateway Issues”

    Disability Discrimination in Employment—Health-Care Employer Could Condition Employment on Health Screening and Vaccination


    EPA Prohibits Using Prior Salary in Establishing Initial Pay

    Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Unfair Competition

    WORKERS' COMPENSATION: Exclusivity—Employer’s Failure to Obtain Insurance

    Long Term Leave Is Not a Reasonable Accommodation

    Are Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Employees Protected from Discrimination Under Title VII?

    EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION: Causation in an Equal Pay Act Retaliation Case

    NLRB "Search-for-Work" and "Interim Employment"

    McDonald’s Settles Lawsuit Involving Deaf Job Applicant

    Training Programs May Conflict with Title VII’s Religious Nondiscrimination Provisions

    Employment Law Legal Research Casino Sued by EEOC for Disability Discrimination

    EEOC Releases New Digest of EEO Law

    Court Supports EEOC’s Position on Wellness Programs; Finds Them Subject to ADA

    EEOC Sues M&T Bank, Alleging Disability Discrimination

    EEOC Sues Wynn Las Vegas for Disability Discrimination

    School District Resolves Equal Pay Act Claim

    Final EEOC Guidance on Retaliation

    State Equal Pay Act Changes

    PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT: "A Law" Does Not Include an Agency Regulation

    Recent Equal Pay Developments

    FMLA: Individual Liability and the Need for Clear Communication

    CIVIL RIGHTS: Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies for Retaliation Claims

    CIVIL RIGHTS: Pregnancy Discrimination Under PDA—Supreme Court's Interpretation of Same-Treatment Clause in Young v. United Parcel Service, Inc.

    WORKERS' COMPENSATION: Compensability—Employment-Related Travel in Employer-Provided Vehicle

    WORKERS' COMPENSATION: Collection and Jurisdiction in Multistate Workers' Compensation Cases

    CIVIL RIGHTS: Employment Discrimination—Same-Actor Inference

    CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: Supreme Court Holds 2012 Recess Appointments to NLRB Invalid

    EMPLOYMENT LAW UPDATE: NLRB Proposed Rule for Notice Postings

    CIVIL RIGHTS: Does Title VII Permit Claims Against Supervisory Individuals in Their Official Capacities?

    EMPLOYMENT LAW: Comprehensive Employment Policies: A Necessary Tool to Avoiding Damages and Liability

    EMPLOYMENT LAW: Florida Court Treats Independent Contractor as Employee for Purposes of Enforcing Covenant Not to Compete

    EMPLOYMENT LAW: The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

    EMPLOYMENT LAW: New NLRB Rule Mandates Posting of Employee Union Rights

    EMPLOYMENT LAW: Overtime Compensation: Factual Specificity Required to State a Claim in the Wake of Twombley and Iqbal

    EMPLOYMENT LAW: Availability of a Cause of Action Under §§ 501 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

    EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION: Retaliation Exception to Exhaustion Requirement Ruled Not Abrogated by Morgan

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