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    Vanguard Profiles NLRG

    Posted by Nicole Prysby on Wed, Apr 5, 2017 @ 11:04 AM

         The Vanguard Law Magazine recently profiled the National Legal Research Group in its national magazine, focusing on the attorneys that make up the firm and the specific benefits NLRG provides to its attorney clients. The staff of 35 attorneys assists attorneys in all 50 states and does some international work. President John F. Buckley explained that the key to NLRG’s success is the deep experience of the staff—NLRG attorneys typically have 20-25 years of experience, working on projects in multiple jurisdictions. That experience allows NLRG attorneys to act as consultants for its clients, helping attorneys determine if they have a case, and then assisting with drafting of pleadings, arguments, and briefs. Since the firm was founded nearly 50 years ago, NLRG attorneys have worked on over 173,000 cases, in every jurisdiction. In additional to litigation-related work, many NLRG attorneys write books on various area of the law, including family law, local government, and human resource law.  Read the full story at https://www.vanguardlawmag.com/case-studies/national-legal-research-group/.


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