Senior Research Attorney Matthew T. McDavitt

B.A., University of Virginia, 1993. J.D., University of Virginia, 2006, where he was a member of the Virginia Environmental Law Forum and was a Public Interest Law Association Grant Winner.

Matthew specializes in Wills, Trusts and Estates, Pensions, and Environmental Law.  Recent projects have included drafting pleadings and objective memoranda regarding:  (1) the assertion of maritime liens for unpaid  boat repairs, (2) the enforcement of state and federal clean water laws, (3) analysis of how Superfund and inheritance laws intersect regarding devises of contaminated lands, (4) the law of will contests from both the proponent’s and contestant’s perspective, (5) the application of the Slayer’s Rule in several different jurisdictions, and (6) the imposition constructive trusts and purchase money resulting trusts, to combat fraud. 

Matthew’s conservation efforts on behalf of critically endangered sawfishes have been internationally recognized, as he was a 2008 recipient of the Peter Benchley Shark Conservation Award.  He lectures regularly on the topic of shark mythology and art. Outside of work, Matthew enjoys collecting tribal art, traveling, and cooking.

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Client Testimonials on Matthew McDavitt

"Mr. McDavitt did an excellent job on my research and was great with communication and timely responses."—Edward Younger—Spotsylvania, VA

"Matt is a valuable resource for our firm. He is smart, efficient, and always responsive. The only downside is that he is not down the hall from my office."—Colette Meyer, Jupiter, FL

"I can always count on Matthew; enough said!"—Eugene McDonald, NJ

"Very satisfied with the report and it met my expectations.  "—John Herzog, Farmington, MI 

"Excellent job, as always."—Graham Showalter, Tallahas

"Matthew is great and his work is excellent."—Richard L. Yoder, Laurel, MS

"Work is thorough, timely and limited to the inquiry I posed. Product is great value for my client. Outstanding."—William E. Glover, Fredricksburg, VA

"I am very pleased.  He was quick to understand what it was we wanted and did an outstanding job.  He far exceeded our expectations."—Bruce Tyler, Somers, CT

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