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    What Attorneys are Saying about NLRG

    David Crockett, Wichita, KS

    You met both the deadline and stayed within the budget. The project was what I had requested.

    Tags: KS

    Carlos Quilichini, San Juan PR

    Excellent work. Anne has assisted our office for well over 18 years, and honestly, we can't do without her.

    Tags: Anne B. Hemenway, PR

    Carl Retter, Scottsdale, AZ

    Terrific as usual and expected.  Steve [Friedman] is a very very valued "member" of our firm.

    Tags: AZ, Steven G. Friedman

    Dharminder Kampani, Moreland Hills, OH

    I have been working with Paul [Ferrer] for several years, and he has always come through for me in a timely manner on several research projects over the years. I will highly recommend him to my colleagues.

    Tags: OH, Paul A. Ferrer

    John Gordon, Severna Park, MD

    I have used NLRG probably a dozen times over the years. Always with good results and at good prices. There was one particular stand-out, dramatic, trial moment which could have cost me the case but for a short, four page trial memo NLRG prepared for me. I was lucky enough to spot a potential nasty trial issue, a very unusual and complicated evidence question that I could not get my head around. Sure enough, the issue came up at trial. My star witness could flame out and my case with her.  The defendant insurance company objected to my witness. The judge looked over at me said: 'Well, what about it Mr. Gordon. I do not see how you get around that.’  On any other day I would have been overtaken with nausea. Unruffled, I reached down, picked up my briefcase, put it on the table, opened it, click, click, plucked out the memo, and asked: May I submit this your honor?  She said ‘yes’.  I handed it up to the judge, passed a copy to the plaintiff’s attorney and then stood like a wooden Indian for about three minutes. When the judge finished reading she looked over to the plaintiff’s table and asked if they had a response. Crickets. Then the judge just said “Overruled.” Relief.  It was my case to lose after that. All downhill from there. A big win - an $80,000.00 insurance claim - that very likely would have been lost but for the NLRG trial memo in my briefcase. I relinquish, convey and remit any and all property rights that I may have in the foregoing story about NLRG and the trial memo to NLRG and NLRG is free to treat it as their own property.

    Tags: MD

    William Moore, Southold, NY

    I handed off a question of law [two states] and preparation of a memorandum of law that was handled very efficiently and professionally. Very satisfied with the product.

    Armando Escamilla--Harlingen, TX

    Good, quick and reasonable. I was able to appear in Court and have a good grasp of the issues, the law and the arguments to make. I'll use you folks again if the need arises.

    Tags: John T. Beliveau, TX, Texas

    Greg Griffin, Clinton, NC

    I really appreciate the help of Al Edwards. I use him and the National Legal Reserch Group in almost every case to make sure that we don't forget anything.

    Tags: North Carolina, Alistair D. Edwards

    J. Mack Clayton, Alexander City, AL

    (Sandra Thomas) Excellent Attorney, pleasant to work with and extremely competent. Would work with her anytime.

    Tags: Sandra L. Thomas, AL

    Michael Lewis, Oxford, MS

    Paul Ferrer is one of my heroes. His intellect, sunny personality and finely honed judgment was of great assistance and comfort at every stage of our appeal.

    Tags: Paul A. Ferrer, MS