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    What Attorneys are Saying about NLRG

    James Harper

    "Response time and research was outstanding."

    —James Harper, Atlanta, GA

    Tags: Matthew T. McDavitt, GA

    Joseph Palmisano

    "Excellent service.  I have been out of the office due to a bad accident and your staff stepped in and helped us out."

    Joseph Palmisano, Mesa, AZ

    Tags: AZ, Suzanne Bailey

    Wayne P. Smith, Schenectady, NY

    “I could not be happier with the end product [petition for rehearing and rehearing en banc].  I again want to thank you for a job well done and your professionalism.”—Wayne P. Smith, Schenectady, N.Y.

    Tags: NY, Suzanne Bailey

    Bonzo Reddick, Savannah, GA

    I believe that [Fred Shackelford] did a fantastic job with [a] difficult case.

    Tags: Alfred C. Shackelford III, GA

    Steven Ray Hake, Austin, TX

    I appreciate[d] the quick response from Steve [Friedman] and the excellent report he prepared for me.  His work is very helpful . . . , especially because he looked outside Texas to help me see how other jurisdictions have approached an issue which has apparently not been discussed much in Texas. . . . The report met my expectations completely, and I am very satisfied with the assistance I have received.

    Tags: Steven G. Friedman

    P. Gerald Cody, Cornelia, GA

    I was very satisfied with the research memorandum which Alistair [Edwards] prepared. He did an excellent job analyzing the issues and completed the project ahead of schedule. His work is most appreciated. 

    Tags: Alistair D. Edwards, GA

    Robert K. Finnell, Rome, GA

    Suzanne [Bailey] is very easy to work with and engages quickly to the subject matter and issue at hand.  This is the second project I have worked with her on and would certainly look forward to working with her in the future.

    Tags: Suzanne Bailey

    David L. Cover, Peoria, IL

    "As always, Anne did an exemplary job. Quick, concise, thorough, very much to the point. We appreciate her a lot."

    Tags: IL

    Marshall C. Spradling, Charleston, WV

    "[I am] very pleased with the report and the quality of work from Anne Hemenway.  She quickly understood the issue and really took a personal interest in the project. [Your service] is the highest quality 'as is.'"

    Tags: Anne B. Hemenway

    Julie Dunbar, Ann Arbor, MI

    "This is the third or fourth time I've worked with Matthew [McDavitt] and I'm really pleased with his work product. He's a good listener and does a good job researching the specific issues I'm concerned with. I plan on using NLRG in the future and appreciate you being there because it makes me look "bigger" than I am (a solo)."

    Tags: Matthew T. McDavitt