Senior Research Attorney Steven G. Friedman

B.A., University of Virginia, 1996. J.D., George Mason University Law School, 1999, where he edited the GMU Civil Rights Law Journal. Member, Virginia Bar.

Steve joined NLRG in 1999 after having worked for a Northern Virginia law firm. Steve focuses in the areas of Property, Family Law, Local & State Government, Evidence, and Zoning. He has worked extensively in the following areas: foreclosures, real estate contracts, landlord-tenant disputes, easements, Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and 42 U.S.C. § 1983.  In addition, he has authored a number of appellate briefs, including a brief for the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in an employment discrimination case, and one for the Louisiana Supreme Court, dealing with attorney misconduct.  Steve is also the editor of the Bill of Particulars, a monthly publication, with over 650 subscribers, for local government attorneys throughout Virginia.

In his spare time, Steve enjoys reading fiction, cheering for the University of Virginia athletic teams and the Washington Redskins, and spending time with his wife and two young children.

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Client Testimonials on Steven Friedman

"As usual Steve Friedman did his usual outstanding job on this Memorandum. Not only do Steve's Memoranda assert and advance our positions but even more importantly the scholarly nature of Steve's work educates the Judge on our position and on the law."—Carl Retter, Scottsdale, AZ

"Steve did a very effective and professional job for me."—Phillip Leslie, Mobile, AL

"Terrific as usual and expected. Steve is a very very valued 'member' of our firm."—Carl Retter, Scottsdale, AZ

"Steve did a great job! The Judge sustained our Demurrer for three of the four Counts. I could tell the Judge appreciated our detailed Memo and read it in full before the hearing. It definitely was the difference between winning and losing."—K. Matthew Long, Richmond, VA

"A fine piece of research and writing. Took the load off my back and i wasn't disappointed! Well done."--William Moore, Southold, NY

"My colleague’s response when he saw the legal memorandum was ‘Wow, you’ve done a great job on this.’  This is especially high praise coming from a Judge who read 20 years of these pleadings before he retired.  Thanks again, Steve.  It is well deserved praise.”--Carl Retter, Phoenix, AZ 

"Excellent work, great response time and great anticipation of issues that may have presented a concern!"—Robert Breimann, Grundy, VA

"Always very helpful. Prompt service. Case budget awareness. As Mr. Bugget would say, 'A good value.'"—J. Michael Moriarty, Omaha, NE

"I was very satisfied with the quality of the research. I felt that the resesarch was of good quality."—J. Patrick Claiborne, Augusta, GA

"Great job at [a] reasonable fee."—Ed Gatier, Malaga, NJ

"I appreciate [Steve's] very professional and thorough work! My compliments on a job well done!"—Graham Showalter, Lewisburg, PA

"Extremely grateful.  Like every other product your office has provided."—John O'Leary, Columbia, SC

"Thank you. Excellent work--as always!"—Thomas Potter, Texarkana, AR

"Thank you very much for your assistance. You work product was excellent. I will use you again as soon as a need arises."—Greg English, Alexandria, VA

"Mr. Friedman [was] very responsive and I couldnot have asked for more."—Anupa Mukhopadhyay, White Plains, MD

"The memo was just what was needed to decide the client's best course of action. Very satisifed."—Robert Hicks, Gloucester, VA

"Very satisfied.  No dissatisfaction at all . . . it was a fair treatment of the issue, which is what I wanted.  I was pleased by the fact that the report included a recitation of some "out-of-state" authorities that presented favorable law in a similar set of factual circumstances."—Gregory Hancock, Lebanon, VA

"Very satisfied. Your work came much sooner than expected."—Robert Beggs, Coatesville, PA

"Steve was expeditions in preparing and sending the report."— Gregory G. Rediger, Miller, SD

"[Steven Friedman's] prompt and well-reasoned Memorandum was just what I needed and saved me immeasurable time and my client large sums of money."— Richard V. Boswell, Westminster, MD

"I was very satisfied with the report and Steve Friedman's excellent and expedited service."— Richard E. Hiller, Shreveport, LA

"[Steve's] research was really, really helpful. . . .  I was able to defeat a Motion for Summary Judgment in court. . . .  The Judge then threw the parties into a settlement conference, and because of all the research work from you . . . about offsets and . . . equity, I got a really fabulous settlement and the client is very, very pleased."— David F. Day, Honolulu, HI

"[Steve Friedman's] research was extensive and [his] writing excellent!  Timing was perfect.  Completed and delivered ahead of schedule."— Victor E.D. King, Plainfield, NJ

"[Steven Friedman's] performance was excellent.  I would use your services again without any hesitation."— E. Dillwyn Darlington, Feasterville, PA

"Mr. Friedman's extraordinarily excellent work for me on short notice exceeded my expectations.  His product was complete, authoritative, and extremely useful."— Philip Schwartz, Arlington, VA

"Your service was excellent, and the depth and speed of [Mr. Friedman's] research proved very helpful."— W. Alan Sharett, Emporia, VA

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