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    Family Law Legal Research Blog

    Prejudgment Attachment and Child Support

    Custody, Visitation, and COVID-19

    FAMILY LAW: Modern Technology and the Definition of "Writing"

    Admissibility of GPS Surveillance Data in Civil Cases

    Role of Assets in Determining Amount of Alimony

    Social Security Dependency Benefits and Alimony

    FAMILY LAW: Custody Is Determined in Child's Home State, Not State Where Divorce Is Filed

    FAMILY LAW: Imputing Investment Income for Purposes of Spousal Support

    FAMILY LAW: Business Valuation Upon Divorce—Goodwill

    Economic Claims Between Former Spouses Outside the Divorce Case

    FAMILY LAW: Enforcing a Child Support Obligation Through Constructive Trust

    FAMILY LAW: Time Limits on Divorce Hearings

    FAMILY LAW: Court Obtains Jurisdiction Under UCCJEA When Action Is Filed, and It Can Exercise Jurisdiction Even After All Parties Leave State

    FAMILY LAW: Constitutionality of Grandparent Visitation Statutes

    FAMILY LAW: Delegation of Power to Decide Custody and Visitation

    FAMILY LAW: Did Actions of Alleged Father in Response to Custody Petition Amount to Consent to Court's Exercise of Personal Jurisdiction?

    FAMILY LAW: Support Guidelines and Retirement Benefits

    Windsor Update: The Supreme Court Speaks

    FAMILY LAW: How Not to Use Out-of-State Authority When Writing an Appellate Brief

    FAMILY LAW: Laws of State of Domicile Govern Divorce of Couple Married in Another State

    FAMILY LAW: Spousal Support in No-Guideline States

    FAMILY LAW: Modification of Alimony Agreement

    Windsor Update: Not with a Whimper, but a Bang—U.S. Supreme Court Accepts Same-Sex Marriage Cases

    Windsor Update: The Sixth Circuit Creates A Real Circuit Court Split On Same-Sex Marriage

    Windsor Update: Not With A Bang, But A Whimper

    Windsor Update: A Split Finally Develops on Whether States Can Constitutionally Ban Same-Sex Marriage

    Windsor Update: The Seventh Circuit Rules

    Windsor Update: Kitchen v. Herbert Headed to the Supreme Court

    Windsor Update: Bostic v. Schaefer—The Fourth Circuit Rules

    Windsor Update: Second-Day Reflections on Tenth Circuit's Opinion in Kitchen v. Herbert

    Windsor Update: Kitchen v. Herbert—The Tenth Circuit Rules

    Choice-of-Law Issues After United States v. Windsor

    Windsor Update: Recent Federal District Court Decisions

    Windsor Update: Status of Circuit Court Appeals

    Windsor Update: Michigan

    Windsor Update: Tennessee

    Windsor Update: Kentucky and Virginia

    WINDSOR UPDATE: Abstention and Standing

    Windsor Update: Virginia's Outgoing Attorney General Speaks

    Windsor Update: Oklahoma

    Windsor Update: HSAs and Other Benefit Plans

    Windsor Update: Kitchen Ruling Stayed

    Windsor Update: Ohio and Utah

    Windsor Update: Starting Date for Recognizing Same-Sex Marriage

    Windsor Update: Does Windsor Apply to Civil Unions?

    Windsor Update: An Alternative View of Windsor in Stankevich v. Milliron

    Windsor Update: ERISA and Veterans' Benefits

    Windsor Update: Is DOMA § 2 Next?

    Windsor and ERISA: Department of Labor Technical Release No. 2013-04

    Windsor Update: Revenue Ruling 2013-17—Same-Sex Marriage and Joint Federal Tax Returns

    Choice-Of-Law Issues After United States v. Windsor

    FAMILY LAW: Hague Convention—When Children Are at Risk of Abduction to Nonsignatory Countries

    FAMILY LAW: Proving the Consumer Price Index

    FAMILY LAW UPDATE: Modification of Orders Setting the Date of Valuation

    FAMILY LAW: Use of Options in Dividing Marital Property: The Question of Time

    FAMILY LAW: Common-Law Marriage—Mistaken Belief in Validity of Marriage

    FAMILY LAW: Marital Property Titled in the Name of Third Parties

    FAMILY LAW UPDATE: Hague Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance

    FAMILY LAW: Paternity Fraud Action Allowed Where Payments Were Made Voluntarily

    FAMILY LAW: Divorcing Parties and Joint Tax Returns

    TORTS: Tortious Interference with Parental Rights

    FAMILY LAW: Child Support Guidelines Authorize Payment from Custodial Parent to Noncustodial Parent

    FAMILY LAW: Jurisdiction for Modification of Spousal Support Under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

    Worthless Madoff Asset Not Deemed "Mutual Mistake" So As to Reopen Settlement Agreement Postdivorce

    TORTS: Negligence/Liability of DNA Testing Laboratory

    FAMILY LAW: Referring Disputed Custody Issues to Guardians or Other Third Parties

    FAMILY LAW: Paternity by Estoppel Enforced When in Best Interests of Child

    FAMILY LAW UPDATE: Temporary Military Disability Payments

    FAMILY LAW UPDATE: Temporary Military Disability Payments

    FAMILY LAW: Proceeds of Fraud as Marital Property

    FAMILY LAW: Stock Options—Classification

    FAMILY LAW: Orders of Sale, Listing Price, and Market Conditions

    FAMILY LAW: Dissipation: Reasonable and Unreasonable Postseparation Living Expenses

    FAMILY LAW: Interests in Trusts as Marital Property

    FAMILY LAW: Enterprise Goodwill in a Medical Practice

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