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    Announcing ABA Journal's Modern Law Library podcast on Mastering Jury Selection featuring Dr Frederick

    Announcing 2019 Best Jury Consulting Award and ABA Best Sellers

    Using Social Media News Posts in Jury Selection (and More)

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 10—Don’t Let Jurors Hide

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 9—Employ the Springboard Method

    Dr. Frederick’s ABA Books on Jury Selection Part of 40% Off Cyber Monday Sale

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 8—Intersperse Majority Response Questions

    News: NLRG Voted Best Jury/Trial Consulting Service in Virginia, and Dr. Frederick’s Two Books are ABA “Best Sellers”

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 7—Contrasting Important Viewpoints Within the Same Question

    ABA Publishing Announces the Release of Two Books on Jury Selection by Jeffrey T. Frederick, Ph.D.

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 6—Craft Questions With the “Bad” Answer in Mind

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 5—Avoid the “Looking Good” Bias

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 4—Capitalize on Open-Ended Questions

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 3—Capitalize on Initial Hand-Raising

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 2—Getting Jurors to Talk from the Start

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 1—Adopting the Proper Orientation for the Voir Dire Setting

    Trial Judges: Can We Talk?!—Supreme Court Case of Foster v. Chatman

    Announcing the Mastering Group Voir Dire Tips Series

    When It Absolutely, Positively has to be . . . NOW?!!

    Member (Jury) Selection in General Courts Martial

    See You on the Internet—Uh, I Mean, in Court: On Litigation-Based Websites

    What Is It About "Don't Twitter" You Do Not Understand?

    Did I Say That? Another Reason to Do Online Checks on Potential (and Trial) Jurors

    "I Know You’re Out There . . . How Attorneys Can Conduct Group Voir Dire More Effectively"

    Facebook and Jury Tampering: A New Threat Posed by Social Networking Sites (SNS) to Jury Integrity

    Interview with the ABA re Jeff Frederick's New Jury Selection Book

    INTERNET: "Excuse Me, Your Honor. I’m Not Finished Blogging Yet!"

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