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    Using Social Media News Posts in Jury Selection (and More)

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 10—Don’t Let Jurors Hide

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 9—Employ the Springboard Method

    Dr. Frederick’s ABA Books on Jury Selection Part of 40% Off Cyber Monday Sale

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 8—Intersperse Majority Response Questions

    News: NLRG Voted Best Jury/Trial Consulting Service in Virginia, and Dr. Frederick’s Two Books are ABA “Best Sellers”

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 7—Contrasting Important Viewpoints Within the Same Question

    ABA Publishing Announces the Release of Two Books on Jury Selection by Jeffrey T. Frederick, Ph.D.

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 6—Craft Questions With the “Bad” Answer in Mind

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 5—Avoid the “Looking Good” Bias

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 4—Capitalize on Open-Ended Questions

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 3—Capitalize on Initial Hand-Raising

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 2—Getting Jurors to Talk from the Start

    Mastering Group Voir Dire: Tip 1—Adopting the Proper Orientation for the Voir Dire Setting

    Trial Judges: Can We Talk?!—Supreme Court Case of Foster v. Chatman

    Announcing the Mastering Group Voir Dire Tips Series

    When It Absolutely, Positively has to be . . . NOW?!!

    Member (Jury) Selection in General Courts Martial

    See You on the Internet—Uh, I Mean, in Court: On Litigation-Based Websites

    What Is It About "Don't Twitter" You Do Not Understand?

    Did I Say That? Another Reason to Do Online Checks on Potential (and Trial) Jurors

    "I Know You’re Out There . . . How Attorneys Can Conduct Group Voir Dire More Effectively"

    Facebook and Jury Tampering: A New Threat Posed by Social Networking Sites (SNS) to Jury Integrity

    Interview with the ABA re Jeff Frederick's New Jury Selection Book

    INTERNET: "Excuse Me, Your Honor. I’m Not Finished Blogging Yet!"

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