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    Family Law Legal Research Blog

    Admissibility of GPS Surveillance Data in Civil Cases

    Role of Assets in Determining Amount of Alimony

    Social Security Dependency Benefits and Alimony

    FAMILY LAW: Custody Is Determined in Child's Home State, Not State Where Divorce Is Filed

    FAMILY LAW: Imputing Investment Income for Purposes of Spousal Support

    FAMILY LAW: Business Valuation Upon Divorce—Goodwill

    Economic Claims Between Former Spouses Outside the Divorce Case

    FAMILY LAW: Enforcing a Child Support Obligation Through Constructive Trust

    FAMILY LAW: Time Limits on Divorce Hearings

    FAMILY LAW: Court Obtains Jurisdiction Under UCCJEA When Action Is Filed, and It Can Exercise Jurisdiction Even After All Parties Leave State

    FAMILY LAW: Constitutionality of Grandparent Visitation Statutes

    FAMILY LAW: Delegation of Power to Decide Custody and Visitation

    FAMILY LAW: Did Actions of Alleged Father in Response to Custody Petition Amount to Consent to Court's Exercise of Personal Jurisdiction?

    FAMILY LAW: Support Guidelines and Retirement Benefits

    Windsor Update: The Supreme Court Speaks

    FAMILY LAW: How Not to Use Out-of-State Authority When Writing an Appellate Brief

    FAMILY LAW: Laws of State of Domicile Govern Divorce of Couple Married in Another State

    FAMILY LAW: Spousal Support in No-Guideline States

    FAMILY LAW: Modification of Alimony Agreement

    Windsor Update: Not with a Whimper, but a Bang—U.S. Supreme Court Accepts Same-Sex Marriage Cases

    Windsor Update: The Sixth Circuit Creates A Real Circuit Court Split On Same-Sex Marriage

    Windsor Update: Not With A Bang, But A Whimper

    Windsor Update: A Split Finally Develops on Whether States Can Constitutionally Ban Same-Sex Marriage

    Windsor Update: The Seventh Circuit Rules

    Windsor Update: Kitchen v. Herbert Headed to the Supreme Court

    Windsor Update: Bostic v. Schaefer—The Fourth Circuit Rules

    Windsor Update: Second-Day Reflections on Tenth Circuit's Opinion in Kitchen v. Herbert

    Windsor Update: Kitchen v. Herbert—The Tenth Circuit Rules

    Choice-of-Law Issues After United States v. Windsor

    Windsor Update: Recent Federal District Court Decisions

    Windsor Update: Status of Circuit Court Appeals

    Windsor Update: Michigan

    Windsor Update: Tennessee

    Windsor Update: Kentucky and Virginia

    WINDSOR UPDATE: Abstention and Standing

    Windsor Update: Virginia's Outgoing Attorney General Speaks

    Windsor Update: Oklahoma

    Windsor Update: HSAs and Other Benefit Plans

    Windsor Update: Kitchen Ruling Stayed

    Windsor Update: Ohio and Utah

    Windsor Update: Starting Date for Recognizing Same-Sex Marriage

    Windsor Update: Does Windsor Apply to Civil Unions?

    Windsor Update: An Alternative View of Windsor in Stankevich v. Milliron

    Windsor Update: ERISA and Veterans' Benefits

    Windsor Update: Is DOMA § 2 Next?

    Windsor and ERISA: Department of Labor Technical Release No. 2013-04

    Windsor Update: Revenue Ruling 2013-17—Same-Sex Marriage and Joint Federal Tax Returns

    Choice-Of-Law Issues After United States v. Windsor

    FAMILY LAW: Hague Convention—When Children Are at Risk of Abduction to Nonsignatory Countries

    FAMILY LAW: Proving the Consumer Price Index

    FAMILY LAW UPDATE: Modification of Orders Setting the Date of Valuation

    FAMILY LAW: Use of Options in Dividing Marital Property: The Question of Time

    FAMILY LAW: Common-Law Marriage—Mistaken Belief in Validity of Marriage

    FAMILY LAW: Marital Property Titled in the Name of Third Parties

    FAMILY LAW UPDATE: Hague Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance

    FAMILY LAW: Paternity Fraud Action Allowed Where Payments Were Made Voluntarily

    FAMILY LAW: Divorcing Parties and Joint Tax Returns

    TORTS: Tortious Interference with Parental Rights

    FAMILY LAW: Child Support Guidelines Authorize Payment from Custodial Parent to Noncustodial Parent

    FAMILY LAW: Jurisdiction for Modification of Spousal Support Under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

    Worthless Madoff Asset Not Deemed "Mutual Mistake" So As to Reopen Settlement Agreement Postdivorce

    TORTS: Negligence/Liability of DNA Testing Laboratory

    FAMILY LAW: Referring Disputed Custody Issues to Guardians or Other Third Parties

    FAMILY LAW: Paternity by Estoppel Enforced When in Best Interests of Child

    FAMILY LAW UPDATE: Temporary Military Disability Payments

    FAMILY LAW UPDATE: Temporary Military Disability Payments

    FAMILY LAW: Proceeds of Fraud as Marital Property

    FAMILY LAW: Stock Options—Classification

    FAMILY LAW: Orders of Sale, Listing Price, and Market Conditions

    FAMILY LAW: Dissipation: Reasonable and Unreasonable Postseparation Living Expenses

    FAMILY LAW: Interests in Trusts as Marital Property

    FAMILY LAW: Enterprise Goodwill in a Medical Practice

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